Sunday, October 20, 2013

Somewhere around Kodachrome

After a good, very sound, night of warm slumber, we decided to do a hike in a wash about 13 miles of dirt road away. Despite my econobox rental car not sporting a 4x4 option, after getting a feel for the 'road', there were a few 'rally-inspired' spirited efforts across the open expanse to a destination that is best described as "Look for the sign about a quarter mile after a really steep descent, about 13 miles or so down the road". Fortunately, 6 sets of eyes targeted the sign, parked the off-roading beast, and started meandering around in the middle-of-nowhere back country.

Texture of the surroundings:

Texture within the surroundings:

Contrasting colors:


We ultimately found our destination, which was a canyon/wash, whose name I forget. It was basically us in a canyon of 200 ft walls on either side of us. Pretty neat, though most of the photos are downward looking:


Really windswept

The road out of the middle-of-nowhere
After leaving the canyon, we headed back on the rally road, only to look out towards out campsite and what would could be. I had to pull over and get this one:

Storm Chasin'


Fortunately, our campsite wasn't submerged, but we did make it back into Tropic to grab some food. As we were on our way out of the restaurant, we were greeted with some serious size hail, but with the camera stuck in the car for the downpour, all we have are memories of lots of laughter!

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