Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sedona Mountain Biking Trip

Happy belated Memorial Day to everyone!  I just got back from a killer mountain biking trip in Sedona, AZ – otherwise known as the WAMBAM: Weekend of Arizona Mountain Biking And Manliness.  I met up with college hombres Jeff and Dan (of IMLP ’08 lore) for a refreshing long weekend of catching up, sharing some laughs & beers and ripping some of the most awesome single track I’ve ever ridden – during the day and night, in an area that that warranted “Damn, it’s beautiful here!” more times than I can count.

My kind of bike shop (Bike & Bean): 

Dan charging this rock, showing off the (hairy) guns:

It’s hard to argue with how well the housing blends in with the natural environment, and I’m a huge fan:


View from our pad:

Jeff, 4 years removed from kicking cancer’s ass, in front of courthouse butte:

Even though the conditions can be gnarly, don’t be afraid to look up every now and then:

Butte Silhouette:

 Dusk riding

Dan ripping down a step:

Shortly before we donned our headlamps for some extra sweet night riding...