Monday, January 24, 2011


The weather in socal for the past two weeks has been nicer than it has been since .... about 2009 (ok, I'm spoiled).  75 & sunny with a light breeze just about everyday.  I almost want to drop an F bomb on how nice it has been!

I headed to the beach (3 times!) on Sunday.  First to check out the waves, second to take pictures (after going back to get my camera), and third to do a primal-esque workout (throwing boulders and such) that would make Mark himself proud.  There was some nice Santa Ana's that were making for some sweet conditions.

Boy chases girl, girl goes running; nice reflection from water:

Dogs running everywhere - Happiness: 

Got spray?

Roy, Roy, Corduroy.  Better start paddling!

Not from the beach day, but worthwhile posting.  The first two were from a killer moonset morning:
The Cardiff Kook, in typical fashion:

Moonset sesh at swami's:

Not sunset, but quite the sunrise back on December 6th.  Who needs fireworks when you have this?


Ang said...

Love the pics! Makes all this snow look even worse.

Ang said...

RYAN!!!! Great pics! Makes this snow look even worse. Thanks.

Ryan Weeger said...

awesome shots ryan, makes me want to dabble in photo again.

Tawnee Prazak said...

Wow! You're really talented. I especially like the surfing pic with the moon above... reminds me of the sunset sessions I do during summer.

You racing this year? How's the injury?

Ulyana said...

Oh, that sunrise... gorgeous!