Thursday, October 14, 2010

Columbus Day Weekend Road Trip

While the triathlon world was racing and spectating a little race on the big island, I had a pretty gnar road trip planned.

Thursday, Michelle and I left work early and drove up to the great town of Fresno.  While some would get excited knowing that the big fresno fair was happening while we were in town, I can assure you that wasn't the reason why we were there!

Fresno was the rest stop for spending the day in Yosemite National Park on Friday.  After spending my first time in Yosemite (only one day unfortunately), I will definitely say that this place lives up to the hype.  If I had to sum up the park with one word, it would be VAST.  I will definitely be going back sometime, for sure. Secondly, no pictures do the justice, but I will at least make an attempt:

El Capitan at sunrise

Vernal Falls

Nevada Falls from below

The view from atop Nevada Falls

Large rocks and Nevada Falls

Half Dome (which is now on "the list")

Royal Arches

Yosemite Valley (B+W) near sunset 

Saturday, we headed over to San Francisco for my buddy Jeff's wedding, where it was good to catch up with some buddies from college, and I may have had a few too many adult beverages.  Fortunately for you - no pictures from that!

Sunday, we took the 1/PCH from San Francisco down to Paso Robles.  If you've never done this drive - definitely put in on your "list".  This was my 3rd time, and it never gets old...

"Typical" View

Cliffs overlooking (lots of) ocean

A rare freshwater waterfall into the pacific

Towards the end of the drive, we stopped in Cambria for some more photo ops:

Cool "texture"

Sunset reflecting on a rock

More sunset on rock

Rays through the rocks

Water making an "ampitheatre" of sorts



In Paso Robles, we stopped at a rather familiar place for a little wine tasting as well.  Not as scenic as the above pics, but you get the point.  Last name bias aside, it was hands down the best tasting wine I've ever had!

25+ hours of driving 1,200 miles - definitely a solid weekend!