Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Month off

In my month off, I certainly had some time to reflect, time to have fun, and had a lot of time in general.  If I was training for Cozumel, I would have felt guilty for enjoying the following activities, but since I wasn't, I enjoyed them that much more...

Tahoe for Jeff's Bachelor party

First time playing paintball, at 8,200 ft no less.  You can be out of breath by simply pulling the trigger, nevermind running over rocks in a full dickies style suit with a full face helmet, ducking for cover, and fighting for your life against your friends:


 Nick tried challenging me to an absolutely absurd contest:

I liked this picture when I took it, but after looking at it a second time, I like it more because it looks like I am taking a leak in the pool:


Food porn is not a stranger in the sub-culture that is endurance sports blogging.

I cooked one bomb-ass meal for my lady's (I almost put "ladies", oops) birthday a few weeks ago: grass fed steak (me: medium rare rib eye, her: rare filet), green beans and carrots sauteed in butter, olive oil, garlic and shallots, yukon gold potato puree with butter, cream and parmesean cheese, a side summer salad with this dressing (recommended!), and a bottle of Avalon Cab to wash it down.  It was freakin good.


I'm not in the picture, but this is where I work, and what I have been doing every other day during "lunch hour":

Mt. Laguna

Partly inspired by the recent piece in the NY Times piece called "unplugged", I did a solo camping trip a top Mt. Laguna to disconnect with society and technology to reconnect with mother nature (the "me" time was nice too, I will admit).  Naturally, my first time on my bike in a month was spent trolling around at 6,000ft (take that Boulder! and I'm glad your fires are under control), and it was great.

The setup - simple, yet effective.

A must for camping

I have never seen so many holes in one tree.  Woodpeckers paradise?  Target practice for hicks?  Gnarly producer of maple syrup?.  Shawn, any ideas?  Upon closer inspection were a number of acorns embedded in them.  Nuts in holes?  uh, I couldn't resist...

I love this picture, and the contrast it presents.  Standing at 6,000ft atop a pine tree covered mountain, I overlooked the Anza Borrego desert, many thousands of feet below me: 

Stomping grounds of the man...

The road through my rear view mirror (well, almost)...


Toby Guillette said...

A very refreshing post! Love the pics. Glad you're using your "freetime" constructively. We all need a break to recharge every once in a while. It's good for the soul. Let's get a beer next week!

Chuckie V said...

The PCT.



Ryan Weeger said...

nice post ryan, and rad photos! food porn looks bomb.

Ulyana said...

GORGEOUS PHOTOS!!!! :) i'd say it was a good month off!