Friday, July 09, 2010

60 minute FTP

The weekend after RAAM, I enlisted the help of one of my RAAM teammates, Andrew Danly, to join me for a fun, little 60 minute FTP test (read: 60 minute all out) around Fiesta (Feces) Island.  Andrew is about the only one crazy to join me for such a suffer one week after finishing RAAM, so it was only natural to ask him (and him only).  Andrew is also stronger than me on the bike (since he doesn't "waste" his time swimming or running), so sometimes it would help to know that one tenacious cyclist was sucking wheel, or that sometimes he would jump out in front to give me a carrot to chase.  Chuckie also mentioned "Just have him yell like a mother-f&%ker, doing whatever it takes to motivate you. If silence works best, that'll do too. Music is my motor. White Zombie is always worth 10 watts."  Noted.

The main driver for this nonsense was to get some post-RAAM data (Yes, I'm a nerd), share war stories from the week, and maybe to annihilate some unsuspecting bikers on the island.  I was in total cyclist henchman mode - not a triathlete for the morning (and annihilate bikers, we did).

I have never done a 60 minute all out effort like this before, so I setup a playlist to keep me amped the entire way.  Here's what it was, in order (I'm sure my boy Rob will appreciate half of these):
  • Justice - D.A.N.C.E.
  • Matisyahu w/ Crystal Method: Drown in the now
  • Justice - DVNO
  • DMX - Up in here
  • Eminem - Run Rabbit Run
  • Mgmt - Kids
  • Eminem - till I collapse
  • Justice - Genesis
  • Redman - Let's get dirty
  • The Darkness - Givin Up
  • TV on the radio - wolf like me
  • Outkast - Bombs over baghdad
  • White Zombie - More Human than Human
  • Rob Zombie - Dragula

I also figured since I was going to go as hard as I could go, I might as go as fast as I can go, and opted for the skinsuit, aero helmet, and left the 404 on the front.

I got in a warm up that, in hindsight, wasn't long enough, and then started the test.  About 10 minutes in, I realized that I was going too hard (~178HR), and my lungs were absolutely on fire.  Knowing I had 50 minutes left, I backed off a bit, and learned that there is such a huge difference between 171 and 174HR for me.  About 25 minutes in, I fell into a rhythm, and settled in around ~175HR, and steadily increased to about 181 towards the end of the test.  It's funny how 178 can be gut wrenching at one point, then 30-40 minutes later, 178 feels "good". With this being my first FTP, I think my pacing could certainly be better, and will be noted for next time.  The only other issue with the test is the motorhome who was in front of me taking up the entire road, which made me stop pedaling for a little bit, as you can see in the nerd pic below:

At any rate, the final data was:
  • 26.1 mph (Avg)
  • 87 rpm (Avg)
  • 177HR (Avg; my max is ~185HR, but I don't place much stock in a max HR)
  • 258W (Avg)
  • 259W (normalized)
At 150 lbs, the magical W/Kg ratio is 3.79.

So, what does this all mean?

Not sure really, since I don't have much to compare it to since I have never done a 60 min FTP on a flat course.  Does that put me in the stud category with Evan?  Could I power all the electronics in my living room to watch le tour in full surround sound?  Is there any correlation with 3.79 W/Kg and those AG'ers who qualify for Kona?  I do know that its a slightly higher than Marty Taylor, so I'll take it!

I did do a time trial up Palomar's East Grade the week before RAAM last year, and had the following numbers:
  • 11.1 miles (~5%)
  • 296W
  • 51m33s (to the fire station)
  • 177HR
I know that someone is generally going to put out more watts going uphill rather than on a flat, so it's hard to compare the McIntosh apples (my favorite) to Valencia Oranges.

Andrew brought along his flip video thing, as he normally does, and took some footage.  I asked him to send it to me, but he took it upon himself to make a video from prior footage as well.  Probably my favorite part is the beginning, where I am barreling around out of an SUV, stumbling around like I just finished racing my bike across the country (b/c I just did):

As an aside, check out Andrew's Blog for his write up on RAAM.  He has a very interesting perspective on the race with a unique writing style, and goes into much more detail than I.  His post might take me 5-10 minutes to read, but it's very good, and his last one had me laughing in tears, talking about the name of our truck in RAAM being DH1 - as in, Dildo Holster 1.  Ass.