Wednesday, June 09, 2010

2010 Race Across America Info

Here's the breakdown of how we will be documenting Team's ViaSat 2010 Race Across America in real time (literally):

Start time: Saturday, June 12th @ 2pm @ Oceanside pier.  Come and watch!

The Main site with everything embedded in real time:

Team stuff:
Picasa (pictures):

My stuff:

All of the above have RSS feeds if you want to add them to your RSS reader, and all are embedded onto the top of this blog.

Cool Factor

We won't be having the "live" video feed this year, but we will be using google latitude to keep you (and us) informed on where we are at any point in time!  (Yes, this means that you can stalk us to within 3 meters).  This is the big map on the page.  The icons will show where each rider is at any point in time.  You will probably have to zoom in a little bit to see who is who, but I am the .We also added a "Toggle Photo Overlay" button for you to click underneath the map to show you (or not show you) some of pics that we have taken along the way.  Not only will it show you pics, but the pics will have GPS coordinated embedded in them to show you the exact location it was taken.  Pretty damn cool if you ask me.

For you facebook fanatics, you can "like" the fan page here, or just go to the page and see what's happening:!/pages/ViaSat-Racing/123151281053738

Please send this to your friends, share, and/or (re)tweet!!!

In case you're wondering how we do it, here is our strategy (written from last year).

These are my projected riding times.

Thank you to our Media Crew, Michelle Valenti and Desi Klaar for taking this on with us, as they will be the ones keeping you entertained.  Also a BIG thanks to our sponsors, who without them, this wouldn't be possible:

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