Monday, May 10, 2010

Knee Diagnosis

ITB Syndrome

I met with Dr. Runco friday afternoon to find out what the hell happened to my knee at IMSG.  Dr. Runco has an extremely good reputation with identifying injuries and coming up with recovery plans, so I didn't want to muddle with anyone else that might say "Oh you have runners knee. Don't run for a month, and you'll be fine".  I went through the symptoms, and it was pretty clear that I had ITB syndrome.  A few "tests" later pretty much confirmed it, but I also have a mild form of tendonitis.  The good news is doc thinks I will be running in again in 2 weeks.

What is ITB syndrome?

For a number of reasons (common ones are running downhill, uneven ground, overuse, weak hip abductors), the illitibial band becomes tight.  Because the ITB runs from the hip to the knee, runners can complain of tightness, but it really shows its ugly head at the knee.  The circle below diagram in the below diagram shows about where I had pain:


Stretching, foam rolling of the glute and ITB, ultrasound to break up scar tissue, the associated scraping (painful) to clear it from the area, and also electric stimulation to the vastus lateralis, which is exactly what is happening in the pic below (Chuckie says I have Monkey Feet):

Reaction and Action

Having never been injured before, let me tell you - this lit a fire under me!  ITB syndrome is typically progressive, and is never just from one thing.  I am taking a proactive / holistic approach to try my best to make sure this won't happen again, in addition to the above treatments:

* A few years ago, I had a spinal/hip tweek/misalignment.  After 3 months of PT - it went away.  I am starting to do those exercises again to make sure any alignment issues I may have will not affect training & racing

* I got an ergonomic assessment at work to make sure I am ... ergonomic.  Sitting at a desk for most/all day is not exactly evolutionary,and is known to weaken the lower abs, shorten and weaken the hip flexors, promote poor posture, etc.

Although the above two items don't sound related - everything is related indirectly, so I am try to minimize any outside variables that could have negative effects on training & racing.

Good News!

ITB doesn't effect swimming (unless I am overzealous with my kick off on flip turns), or cycling.  Sweet!

This week will be an easyish one before I return to full on training.

More to follow...


Tawnee said...

ITBS: Been there, done that. You're on top of things, so you'll be back in action in no time. I still do my PT exercises to this day, and some!

Sweet potatoes were def sweet potatoes. I'm all about the "hannah" SP variety (extra white-ish ones). Sooo good. I don't do the orange-ish ones as much because who knows if that's a yam or what.

jameson said...

it also doesn't prevent beer drinking... see you wednesday!

Toby Guillette said...

Welcome to Club itBS!

Anonymous said...

good thing you got that sorted out asap!

Rachel said...

That sucks. You'll be back on it in no time. I've had it. I swear by the foam roller.

Anonymous said...

No pains, no gains................................................................

angela said...

Been there and hate it! At least you can correct the problem. The foam roller is your friend!

Frank Pucher said...

Ryan, the ITB inflames as a result of doing a job (stabilizing the hip) that it's not designed to do. the foam roller helps, but it's treating the effect and not the cause. Do some single leg work & specifically Glute Medius work to help stabilize the hip and allow the ITB to rest. If you send me an email, I'll reply with a video clip of what you can do.
"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

Ulyana said...

Hey man, sorry about the injury. I'm using a muscle stimulating machine that looks like the one in your photo to prep for the surgery and then will use it during recovery. I'm glad you can do other stuff and that you are being good about recovery :)