Friday, May 21, 2010


"None of our friends are normal" - James Walsh

It's all about the bike!

Next up on the race list is Race Across America.  Yes, I am that crazy to do RAAM 6 weeks (to the day!) after IMSG.  This will actually be my "fun" race this year (well, at least I hope it will be).

"Fun race Denner?  Riding your bike across the country as fast as possible?  Fun?  WHY?"

This will be the last year I can, and will probably want to, do RAAM.  Ever since last year, I knew I wanted to do this again.  Over the winter, we started assembling what will be the fastest team we have ever assembled (on paper anyways).

This year, I plan on documenting the race much better than I did last year.  I was so concerned with riding my absolute hardest (as I should have been), that I literally let the country fly by me without capturing it on film and video.  Yes, I have memories, but even those get blurry.  This year, I don't want to let that happen.  Stay tuned for more on what the team and I plan on blitzing out to the world media wise.

The plan between now and June 12th (holy crap!) is to major in cycling, with a minor in swimming, and hopefully, running (ok, so it's not ALL about the bike, but don't tell my teammates!).  I do have a new road bike added to my arsenal, which was purchased primarily for this cross country jaunt.

Stay tuned for what will hopefully be 2+ weeks of some crazy cycling before the mayhem starts...

ps-  We are looking for media people to help document our journey.  Our media crew will be responsible for conducting short, fun interviews, taking videos and pictures of the riders and crew, updating the teams youtube and twitter accounts, along with updating the teams’ blog.  All expenses are paid.  Contact me if interested.


jameson said...

thanks for quoting me... but it is the truth... and i love it. go big!

angela said...

You are a machine! Can't wait to read about this one!!

Ulyana said...

You are beyond belief awesome times two to the power of infinity!

I can't wait for the photos!

How come this is the last time you can do it? Is there a limit on the number of times you can participate?

FatDad said...

Dude, killer plan. Can't wait to see the media.