Monday, April 05, 2010

Quader Pounder

For the second Monday in a row, I am walking with a limp because my quads are so thrashed from the weekend.  What’s different this week, is that when I went into last weekend’s training – I still have residual soreness from the 14 hours of training I had the weekend previous!  The 8 day span was all about soreness, quad pounding, and elevation.  While anyone who is anyone (which I am not!) was racing, killing (and winning!) Oceanside 70.3, and Sonja winning the Moab 100 (mile run), here is what went down in my little world:

27MAR: 106 mile, 8,000ft of elevation gain assault on North County.  Shitty T-Run to follow.

28MAR: The big dog hike.  We left my car at 730am, and returned at 3pm.  The hike was only supposed to be 5 hours, but the auto-resume function on my garmin didn’t, well, auto-resume sometimes, constantly making me underestimate our travels.  I would estimate 20 miles, and 6,000 ft of elevation gain.

I honestly felt fine through the hike, and even when I got home later.  However, when I woke up the next morning, I barely cleared the landing getting out of the bed.  MASSIVE DOMS.  When going down stairs for the next few days, it required one arm on the rail, and the other on the wall to slow the pace.  It was brutal!  Michelle made claims of feeling “broken” even mid week.  Co-workers gasped when I told them of the hike.  There was even residual quad soreness going into this past weekend!  The hike capped my biggest week ever at 24.5 hours.

2 days later, I did 10 repeats up Torrey pines.  Go hard, or stay home.

3APR: I was stoked for the workout: a 4 hour hike/run.  Spend apx 2 hours hiking, and 2 hours running.  I headed over to mission trails to basically get lost, and explore new trails.  4,000ft of quad busting elevation gain.  I have been massively slacking on the picture front lately, so I borrowed a camera to take some snaps:

Where it all started:

A little canopy to run through:

Running through the fields:

Having a little staredown with a coyote (for real!):

This part was actually pretty cool.  We kinda stared at each other for a little bit.  I decided that I might be outnumbered, so I took a step back to turn away, and he did the same.  I walked a minute in the other direction, then headed back towards him.  Fortunately, that was the last I saw of him.

Mountains on a california morning - tough to beat:

I made my way past North Fortuna, and was hiking up this hill, and was greeted with this view:

This might have been my favorite part of the hike/run (although its hard to say).  To crest a hill and see this in front of you ... it may sound kinda cheesy - but I felt so free.  I felt like a little kid running through the woods (where I spent most of my childhood) - which really, is exactly what I was doing at that time.  I haven't done an ultra run, but I felt like "I got it" as to why some do them when I laid my eyes on this.

The hike up Kumeyaay peak - canopy, and steep! (picture does not justice)

View of the valley from atop North Fortuna

Towards the end of my run, I passed a woman who was walking her dog.  Well, when I passed her, "Max" apparently wanted to run with a stranger more than walk with its master, so I had a friend for part of the workout.

Then a 2 hour easy spin to loosen (kill) the legs even more.

4APR: More quad poundage – Palomar repeats.  I started at the casino, and went straight to the top of the mountain.  I descended and did the south grade 2 more times before descending 4,500 ft back to my car. A solid 9,800ft of elevation in the bank. Some pics:

View from the Valley:

Above the clouds:

The final break before the cloudless descent...

... where I had so much fun!

Chuckie requested the usual “weekly report” on sunday and my response was simply: MY QUADS ARE THRASHED!

The training for the past few weeks has been stellar.  The weekend training has been incredible. I love weekend training that requires gathering the mental energy early in the week to get through it all.  I love the EPIC workouts.  I started writing a blog a few months ago on why I train (I obviously haven’t finished it), and I was ultimately getting to the point of I train because I love racing – big races.  But really, as much as I don’t want to say I live for the big weekend training – I kinda do.  I love the mental and physical preparation that goes into and comes out of them.  I love the grind, the pain, the adventure – the shit that just sounds crazy to most – but the stuff that makes me say life truly is great.



Toby Guillette said...

What an awesome attitude! Glad you posted some pics finally too :)

jameson said...

i am right there with you dude.... as much as i love racing i live for the training... i get just as much satisfaction out of a weekend of crushing myself as i do getting on the podium at any race.

keep it up man... IMSG is going to a good day.

Chuckie V said...

You know the rule: inflict pain on yourself now, so that you may do so to others on race day.

You have to love both types of pain equally, in order for either to occur.


Nick Brown said...

Ryan, no more about "not ready" from you. Liar.

Trevor Glavin said...

Nice block of training bud...keep killing it! Oh, and lets get out and train together!

Slater Fletcher said...

serious elevation dude! You will crush St. George!