Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Engine Temperature

There comes a time when someone is training for an Ironman (or other big endurance event) where the engine starts burning hot, and I have officially reached that point.

Case #1 in point:

While at Chuckie's on Saturday, I tried going to bed around 9pm (my usual bed time), but was unable to fall asleep. I was hoping that reading Base building for cyclists would help knock me out, but the BEAST inside thought otherwise:

"Uh, you trained for almost 7.5 hours today. Feed me".

So, I got out of bed, went to my bag and grabbed an oatmeal raisin clif bar. It isn't my favorite flavor, but it had to do at that point. I reluctantly opened the package and took my first bite. A clif bar, especially an oatmeal raisin clif bar, never tasted so good. I proceeded to inhale the thing in about 3 more bites, maybe even 2, then laid back down.

The book still wasn't calming the demons inside of me, so about 20 minutes later, I got up, again, and made half of a PB & Honey sandwich. Rather than making those bubbly noises my stomach makes when digesting food, it actually laughed at me. I figured I could give it a minute or so for the food to sink in, but instead it laughed harder.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

I got up, for the third time, around 10:20, and made another half sandwich of PB & Honey, only this time I doubled the peanut butter AND honey (which is very messy). Finally, my stomach fell asleep.

Case #2 in point:

Last night after completing my swim workout, bringing my daily training total to about 2.5 hours, Michelle and I made our what seems to be weekly visit to souplantation (read: all you can eat buffet). After putting down a plate of salad, a baked potato (regular, they were out of sweet potatoes, err I mean yams) with ALL the fixin's, some cheesy focaccia bread and a little desert, it got to be about 8:45, and it was time to retire.

The beast thought otherwise.

11:20pm rolled around, I rolled downstairs, and started ruthlessly raiding the cabinets. I ate the following, in order:
  • Fruity trail mix
  • Beef jerky
  • Honey Mustard and Onion pretzels
Michelle came downstairs about 10 minutes later, with a groggy "what the hell are you doing?" look on her face. In true caveman fashion, I grunted back:


while stuffing my mouth with pretzels to the point where my cheeks rivaled a chipmunk:

I then moved onto the peanut butter chips + chocolate chips, then came around full circle back to the above 3 food items above. Michelle came down for a 2nd time, claiming that it was difficult for her to sleep knowing that I am so hungry (she's sweet, isn't she?). I assured her not to worry, as I pretty much ate whatever food was left in her apartment.

When I got home this morning at 5:15 for my 5:30 run, I went straight for my cabinets, and ate chocolate covered almonds, and washed them down with some raspberry clif blocks. Mmm mmm mmm

As you can tell, at this point in training, the choice of food doesn't necessarily have to compliment others - it just has to keep the engine burning.

Ok, now I gotta go make my second breakfast...


jameson said...

i know the feeling...well. lately at night i have been regularly eating Nuttzo out of the jar with a spoon... can't get enough.

fyi - they just opened another soup plantation in north county. corner of encinitas blvd & el camino. same shopping center as TJ's, CVS, and ralphs.

thelionbeach said...

love that!

myfavoritestyles said...

It seems that the later it gets, the more annoying hunger is. Especially for someone like me who tends to only keep food that requires prep around the house.

Chuckie V said...

It's nice to go hungry once in a while, to see how much of humanity is forced to live. Of course, we overfed westerners are given the choice. Embrace the hunger pangs!


IronmanUSA2007 said...

your new banner makes me dizzy.