Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2010 San Dieguito Half Marathon

Going "notes" style for the first time I ran the San Dieguito Half Marathon...

  • A new PR! 1:32 and change.
  • Passed a lot of people on the downhills, and towards the end of the race, including the last hill
  • Had enough for an all out sprint at the end
  • Mental confidence boost since I didn't think I had as much run fitness as compared to Wildflower last year
  • Beautiful weather, gorgeous course
  • Ran it on nearly zero calorie intake (by coincidence; it wasn't a goal)
  • Negative splits through the race
Things to work on:
  • Keep building the engine/get faster
  • Train on more hills - one can never get enough of them, especially for IMSG
  • Lose ~5 lbs(+?) by IMSG
  • Be ready for 26.2 miles of concrete in 10 weeks (after a long ass bike ride)
  • For the first time EVER, I craved a beer after the race (although, it took 75 minutes for that craving to come about). A bunch of us made our way to the beer garden, and I sampled both of the "hoppy" beers. I think one was Green Flash, and the other was "Hoppy" something. I don't know - they could have been called Diaper and Ass for all I care. I really hate throwing anything away, but seriously, both went in the garbage after about 3 sips. Oh the horror James - let the flaming begin!


Tawnee said...

That is smokin' fast on what I hear is hard course! Congrats.

"Diaper and Ass".... I'm cracking up still.

jameson said...

really denner?

don't ever diss the green flash!

don't worry i will have some wine coolers waiting for you post IMSG or maybe a virgin strawberry daiquiri. your choice... what a let down!

Paul said...

Ahhh man for real?? How about a Zima for you!

Seriously though green flash goes down better warm. Go figure.

Congrats on the PR.

Ang said...

I use to work that race. Good ole Kathy Loper Events. Glad you had such a good run!