Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Refreshing Swim

I had a swim scheduled for this morning, so I headed up to my normal place of swim, the pure fitness pool in Carlsbad.

I walked out onto the pool deck, and noticed there was only one other person in the pool, although, he was finished and just getting out. I asked him the usual question "How is it?".

He waited a second or two before responding, and came back with "Refreshing", with a snicker and a sarcastic tone.

Having just swam in the same pool two days prior at 6:30am, when the air was cool, and the water was the usual 70ish degrees, I innocently asked "Is it warmer than the air?".

I noticed there was another delay in his response, and this time I didn't wait. I dipped my toes in, and responded for him "Holy shit!". He laughed, knowing that he was getting out, and I was getting in.

My warm up was supposed to be a 350 yard "mixer", mostly non-freestyle. About 12 yards into it, I literally picked my head above the water because I was laughing so hard it was so cold. I did the same when I got to the other side of the pool. The warm up, in all senses of the term, quickly turned into a 350 yard freestyle nearly all out time trial just to generate body heat.

I knocked out about 1700 yards before my shoulder told me to stop, then I jumped in the jacuzzi for 10 minutes, showered, and then decided to stop by the managers desk on my way out to inquire about the water temperature. I figured they didn't warm the pool on the weekends, or the heater was broken. He assured me the heater was indeed working, its just that when the were putting the covers on this week, the wind was blowing them off, so they didn't bother with them last night. We laughed, and I went on my way.

As I was driving home, still trying to warm up, I wondered what the water temperature was, so I called them back. I explained to them that I just swam in the pool, and found it rather cold, and was wondering what the temperature was. Of course the girl at the front desk didn't have "access to that information", so I decided to turn on my charm (yeah right), and talked about how water temperatures like that in the ocean are normally reserved for wetsuits. She then happily went to go ask someone as to the current temperature.

She came back a minute later and said "Sir. Hi, yeah, the water temperature is 55 degrees".

55 DEGREES!!??!!?

I might have yelled that into the phone, we shared laugh, and then I hung up (I think she had enough of my charm).

So, despite a meager 1700 yards, I still felt like a BAMF and putting on a performance worthy of a Carlos V bar.


jameson said...

holy crap... one of the many reasons on don't miss swimming... freezing my arse off!

Tawnee said...

Brrrr! I can't believe you lasted a full 1700 in that temp!

Next time bring along the wetsuit just in case; I tried that once on a freezing-ass morning when the heaters or something got clogged by leaves and the pool was chillyyyyy.

Ulyana said...

WHAT???!?!? 55 degrees - makes that swim workout a HUGE accomplishment.

goSonja said...

Seriously, brrrr, that's like San Francisco bay temps. What a polar bear you are. Major Grrrr to ya!