Friday, January 29, 2010

A letter to my Coach

Dear Chuckie,

I didn't like you on thursday. I disliked you for giving me tons of anaerobic sets in the pool. I was not happy with you for wanting to coach me to a successful Ironman on May 1st.

First, you start me off with "mixers". I prefer drink mixers.

Then, you give me golf sets. I really don't like golf. When people ask me if I play golf, I say "I haven't reach that age yet." I would rather watch the lifetime channel on tv while on the trainer with one of my neighbors drinking beer next to me and taunting. Kind of like in the picture below from last Sunday (only I wasn't watching lifetime, I was watching this):

(Yes everyone, that is a Christmas tree still up, yes I am on the trainer, and yes, the sun is out. Don't ask why either)

Then you give me 12 x 200's at 97.4% effort, and, let's not forget that I wasn't allowed to go any harder than that (in more ways than one). The distaste for you was so much that I couldn't taste the chlorine in the pool, and whatever else people leave in there. Maybe if the pool was 55 degrees, I wouldn't concentrate on my displeasure for you so damn much.

But, no worries, it wasn't long before I had ill feelings towards myself. I was ticked off at myself for signing up for an early season Ironman. It's the end of January, and I feel like I should be training as if I should be in mid-season form.

Whoa, I'm doing all my sets consistently. Catch breath, now send off

Ok, I am going to stop thinking now, because thinking is leading to bad karma, and sometimes, its easier to not think, than think, especially during hard swim sets. Wait, not think? I love thinking! Now, I am back to having a bad taste in my mouth that I can't taste thinking of your name.

Then, the dissatisfaction turned towards my friends. As in, all my friends who signed up for Ironman St. George, which is part of the reason why I signed up to do this event. Most of these friends are friends who I go up and camp with at wildflower. But they wont' be there this year because Ironman St George is on the same day as wildflower, which means I can't have fun with them. At this point, I now have a beef with North American sports, and it has nothing to do with the near $600 I had to "drop" just to "do" this "event".

Whoa, I just did all my 200's on the same interval, and although it hurt, it hurt a little "less" than normal - it's hard to describe. Wait, maybe all these hard ass anaerobic sets are working. Hey, this guy does know what he is talking about! 200 double backstroke, and I am outta here. Damn, that was a great workout! Glad I caveman'd up and did it, and finished with a smile on my face. Life is good!


ps- Despite my griping, it really was a great workout. I really am not a bad high maintenance athlete - I just had no motivation to be in the pool. I had early morning meetings, all morning, and a slight hangover from birthday festivities the night prior. Pool time was not desirable. Many times I wanted to "bag" it. But, I gutted it out, and it ended up being a great confidence builder. Thanks for being a great coach. I am glad you push me out of my zone of comfort.

pps- This is the third blog post in a row about swimming. What is this world coming to?


Chuckie V said...


"I do today what you won't, so tomorrow I can do what you can't."

Words to live by, especially when your Ironman is just 13 weeks and counting.


Jaakko Hiekkaranta said...

classic! :D

Rachel said...

Ha! Funny! People are always cursing me on the rides I organize (I always lie about the hills).

Drs. Cynthia and David said...

I came over from MDA's site after seeing your comment. I should have know you were another of Chuckie V's guys!

It's sad that the paleo community and Mark himself have to villify endurance exercise so much. There's no one so harsh as someone who's a born again convert (from whatever they believed in before), and Mark is like that with the cardio bashing. Then you have people terrified that they will be fat from too much cortisol if they run a few miles a week and thinking Tabata intervals are the only way you should train. It would be hilarious if it weren't so sad.

Nice blog, and happy training!