Thursday, November 12, 2009

Boring update on training not being boring

Nothing extravagant lately, just a lot of solid, consistent training.

Things have been pretty good since I got back on it in early October, and progressing nicely. When I first got back on the bike, the power numbers were ... well ... not powerful (as expected). What didn't help is that the same week I started training (consistently) again, I decided to give blood that Monday. Giving blood is something that always left me feeling good mentally and physically (except for when I am actually working out for the next week or so), so I figured that the numbers could only go up, right? So far, so good. I have been knocking out some near 2 hour trainer sessions, and the kicker is I have really enjoyed them! (CV, if you're reading this, that is not a typo).

On that note, those trainer workouts have been done using a bit of spontaneity (As an aside, whats kind of interesting [because a 2 hour trainer ride is anything but] is that the spontaneity was not influenced by, but just happened to coincide with this little gem). A lot of my training for the past month or so has been by feel. Those trainer workouts, I really had plans to do an hour and change. But, somewhere along the way, I was feelin good, like real good, and just continued on pedaling. Next thing you know, I am creeping up on the 120 minute mark, and I could keep going! WTF! The same thing happened in the pool last week. I had one early ass meeting at work, and jumped in the pool after the meeting. I had plans to do about 2400ish yards. Well, scratch that - I knocked out over 3200 (I actually lost count) - which is the most I have done since ... IMLP back in '08. I got out of the pool feeling like a million bucks (except for my stomach, which I might have actually heard growl underwater).

Not to neglect the run (because in a triathlon, if you neglect the run, the run neglects you), that one BAMF Graham Cooper I wrote about a few months back - is now one of my roommates. We went for a "little run" last night after work. If I could sum up the run, I would quote him when I say "Wow, we could probably do a pretty good job of beating the shit out of each other training for St. George". In between the panting, I was able to muster out a "Yeah", although it probably sounded more like a grunt. Seeing as though he isn't training for WS100 this year, he has targeted IMSG to be his "A" race. Not that I am on a level to compete with someone who can brag about this (although, he is way too humble to ever brag), it will certainly stoke the competitive fire that resides at our place of residence.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Happy Hal.... Big Bear Camping

Michelle and I passed on the local halloween party circuit for a weekend of camping up at Big Bear Lake (training at elevation just happened to be a perk). It was a solid weekend! Below is how it went down, up there (at 6,800 ft)

As we crested at the top of the climb, this was what we were greeted with. Big Bear Lake looks so small from afar...

Once we got to the lake, and looked towards where we just were, the views just kept getting better...

Everyone told us it was gonna be cold up there. The frost on my car Saturday morning confirmed...

However, things did warm up down at the lake...

As we ate breakfast, we were greeted by a number of the locals, begging for our food

Don't do it!

Got it!

I called this picture "being watched"

Bike Ride

Since I rode to onyx summit last year during ride around the bear, I decided it would great doing it again, sans the 6000 ft of climbing (in less than 35 miles!) leading up to it (although it was missed, in only a way that an endurance athlete can miss climbing)

Here's Michelle wearing her "holiday" appropriate gear, on the "flat"

I'm sorry, did I mention "Flat"? Looks can be deceiving...

At the summit...

Ok, nerd memory here. This year, I rocked yellow/black gear, with a blue/silver/black bike.

Last year at bear century, I had a yellow/black bike, sporting blue/silver/black gear.

Did I really publish that on the internet?

After that, it was back to the site for some dinner. But before, the obligatory sunset picture over the lake...

The obligatory campfire picture (it was as warm as it looks)...

Sunday Hike

We had to cut this one a little short, but a solid 3.5 hour hike nonetheless. Undocumented was hiking up to about 8200 ft, which you can't see in this picture, but trust me, its there!


Yes, that's snow

The obligatory "doesn't do the justice" picture...