Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A little time off

I started "training" again in early August (training goes in "quotes" because it really wasn't training, it was just getting on something a little more consistent, and off the couch), but that was quickly derailed by a knee "issue", and some sickness. After a little time off, I am back on it, and it feels fanfreakintastic!

Using the ageless adage "lemonade out of lemons", I decided to pick up my dSLR to revisit another hobby of mine that has been neglected ever since I found out about all this triathlon stuff. I have always enjoyed photography, so I shook some rust off, and got to taking some pictures.

Michelle @ track



There also was a dog surfing contest right down the street from me, and it hilarious was being there. Taking pictures, laughing at the dogs, laughing at dogs get competitive with each other, the chaos of about 150 dogs running around, and every human eating it up. Here are a couple of the good ones:

What you lookin at?

This guy is so good, he doesn't even need to look ahead!

Get it!


Cool Action Shot

Human shreddage...

The real shredder...


Ulyana said...

Haha, i'm the same way... I have "photography" on my to do list all the time, but running/training gets on the way.

Great photos!

tinaparker87 said...


Planning on buying a camera soon. Looking at the Nikon D40 or D90 and the Cannon EOS. I will most likely get a package offer with the longer lense for baseball pictures. Any sugggestions or comments? If you have time, send me an e-mail. Bullet points on what I really need. Thank you...

Ang said...

Nice pics RYAN!!!