Thursday, August 13, 2009


Yes, I am alive!

July was pretty much a month off of training (and blogging), save for a few bike rides here and there. It was a great month really to take some time off from everything and do some other things…


Michelle killed it one (of many) night with dinner! The menu consisted of a whole bunch of good stuff. The picture says it all.

Locale wasn't too bad either (wait, is that another gray sky in Diego?! You don't say... seriously - enough!)




We drove out to Idyllwild one day, and did a gnarly hike up (with an emphasis on up) San Jacinto mountain. Could this be considered elevation training?

I don't know about you, but I had never been to an official "wilderness" before, where I had to be responsible for knowing a bunch of stuff (uh, like walk on the trail).

Michelle won the dirty feet contest!

VEGAS… (ie. The official ‘meet the family trip’!)

… and a few other ‘extra-curricular’ activities. Let’s just say I stopped at Bev-mo more in the month of July, than I had since … ever

But, starting the second of August, I started getting back into some training (read: swimming and/or running everyday) – a little ahead of schedule. I love it when you think you have everything all planned out, and then something happens where the plan gets thrown out the window.

My original plan was to take July and August completely off to focus on work and school (which finishes the day before Labor day weekend – how appropriate!). I really wanted to do a race with all the fitness I had after RAAM, but I didn’t think it was in the cards (or my wallet, for that matter).

However, July actually ended up being a rather stressful month, and I realized that without training as an outlet, the stress was unmanageable. This was a far cry from years past when I always looked forward to an off-season to re-charge – mentally and physically.This year , I was chomping at the bit. I definitely missed running, and even swimming (in some weird way). Hell, I even missed blogging. I have a lot of stuff to say (there’s a surprise!) in some future posts so stay tuned. I am stoked to start writing again it for the world to (not) read!


jameson said...

welcome back dude! july was a well earned month for you... you kicked ass all winter and spring!

the bbq on saturday was killer. lets all get together soon for some good times.

Tawnee said...

Glad to see you back on the writing front and not just the random-comment-every-now-and-then guy.

Looks like you and Michelle, who I'm assuming is your GF, are having a blast together--cheers to finding a fun companion!

Tell us what races you're going to be doing!!! Dying to know what comes after something like RAAM?!

beth said...

yay! you're alive! and yes, the WORLD is reading.

tinaparker87 said...

Glad you are back, happy and ready to go again. San Jacinto mountains in my backyard! Glad to see you so happy with Michelle. I cannot wait to meet her.

MJ said...

Welcome back. Looking forward to reading...

I always slow down the writing in the summer as well... there's just too much other stuff to do.