Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Shift #6: Ohio

Shift #6: Chillicothe, OH to Athens, OH

If you haven't noticed, each successive post has a few less pictures and descriptions than the previous. This is because mental fatigue had certainly set in, the importance of taking pictures, making note of where we were, and how fast we rode starting waning!

I took over from Tobias, who gave a bit hearty "HHHHHEEEEEYYYYYY!!!!!" at some stop sign somewhere in OH. The terrain looked arduous - LOTS of rolling hills. I really wasn't looking forward to doing this leg for one main reasons: I hate rollers (I can never really get into a groove on them), and they were just as I expected.

Anyhow, back to Ohio - so yeah, the constant up and down of the rollers, in addition to some tired legs for some "fun". It basically went like this for about 50+ miles: crest a hill, get about 1-2 second recovery, hammer the downhill, and hope that whatever hammer I tried to drop, carried me some distance up the next hill! Eventually, Larry and I got through this, and into the back country of OH. It pretty uneventful honestly, except for when a tractor trailer wailed on his horn as he passed me, and then nearly swerved into me. You can bet a little birdie followed by a few verbal expletive came from yours truly. We finished up just past Athens, which was a freakin cool little college town.

During the ride, Hans got a few pretty sweet pics of me:

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