Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Shift #5: Missouri

Misery... I mean, Missouri.

This was mostly a repeat of Kansas, only about 5 degrees cooler. More flats, more mind numbing flat and fast terrain.

However, what was a little different about this leg was that a little fatigue was starting to settle in. In the past, I always get really sore the day after some hard workouts in the heat, and today was no exception. My legs just couldn't really get going until a while into the shift. What I was also noticing was that I simply just couldn't push a cadence of 85 or 90 anymore, so I upped it to about 100-110, and this worked magic. By moving to a higher cadence, I was putting less strain on my leg muscles, and more on my aerobic system. This helped twofold, because for some reason, it was getting harder and harder to get my HR up near LT - making my cadence higher certainly got the HR easier and faster. The effects were certainly noticeable - I would go up about .3-.4mph just from spinning at a higher rate.

Also, mentally, since this leg was very similar to the previous, and b/c I had only amassed a mere 15 or so hours of sleep since sunday morning, things were starting to blur together. Even my riding partner, Larry "Nails" Bice was starting to make mental gaffs.

But, when the going got tough, I decided to do something that I had never done before in cycling - put on some tunes. This helped tremendously. I put in one ear bud from my mp3 player, and just started charging. I did this about 3 hours into the shift to get me over a hump, and it was huge. The speed for each 3 mile pull started going up and up! It was back to having FUN!

Here is my climbing some small midwest hill with the disk (which kinda sucked - not gonna lie!) on some shitty ass gravel road that we had to get re-routed on:


Johnny Edge said...

Not being able to get your heart rate up to LT by this point in the race is to be expected. Like any other muscle in your body, it should have been getting pretty tired.

Rachel said...

Ryan, I've just caught up on your blog and am awe-inspired by your accomplishment. Congrats! You're awesome! I love how well you documented everything. You will have those memories forever.