Thursday, July 16, 2009

RAAM Finish

The Finish

The finish is two fold. Time Station #52 is a shell station where a team meets up to be escorted the final 4 miles to the real finish.


Here we are listening to a bunch of blah blah blah:

So we get the 4 mile escort (and make fun of Greg tailgating the escort van), and finally reach the real finish line:

To say that the finish of Race Across America is anti-climatic is an understatement. It's not like a triathlon where there are hoards of people screaming and cheering - it was more like just our crew and a few innocent bystanders. Fortunately, my buddy Rob made the trek from DC, and my wonderful girlfriend flew in from San Diego!

After, we all went up on stage to get our medals, and to say a few words.

As if you couldn't tell from this picture...

... at 5'7'', its not exactly complimentary to stand next to Tobias and Jeremy. To add insult to injury, in the video of us getting our medals, you can't even see me! hahaha

I find it rather funny...

Then, there was a photoshoot with some photog who might put us in bicycling magazine in a few months, and then a video interview for the team.

Larry "Nails" Bice and I:

As with all endurance athletes, what did we do after finishing our "workout"? FOOD! A bunch of us piled into a local pub for some grub and grog. Promptly after getting back to the hotel, I slept for 5 hours. Woke up, got food, and then it was back to bed.

Saturday, Michelle and I went to DC to check out the smithsonian museums:

... and I took a few pretty cool snaps:

Afterwards, we went to the RAAM finishers dinner, which was equally anti-climatic. There were about 75-100 people there, eating a ton of food, talking about the race. After dinner, the crew went out and drank, and I slept (again). Sunday, we boarded a plane and flew back to San Diego, and just like that, the journey was finished...


Terrish B said...

Congrats on your finish.... I think that your trip was an amazing one and just wanted you to know that there are some people that were cheering for you, to bad we couldn't have been at the finish line!!!

ENJOY your Recovery!!

MJ said...

Hey buddy, it's been great to read your reports and see all the pics and video. What an awesome journey - you guys crushed it!

Thanks to you I want to do it one day!