Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Ok, here is anything and everything you could possibly need to follow Team ViaSat Race Across America.

LIVE Video Feed: http://www.viasat.com/raam (there will be outages from time to time depending on satellite location).

AmateurEndurance.com is also going to broadcast the ViaSat live through their website as well.

My Twitter updates, which are located on the right side bar of this blog.

Team ViaSat Twitter Updates, which are also located on the right side bar of this blog (this should be updated often)

Team ViaSat RAAM Blog, which also has posts located on the right side bar of this blog (this will be updated often)

Projected Riding Times of each riding group.

Youtube channel (Really?!?!)

Start Time: 20JUN09 @ 2PM @ Oceanside Pier. I will NOT be starting at this time, but will be there for photos, hand waving, and seeing Ken and Jeremy off since I won't see them until we get to Maryland. My shift doesn't start until Midnight, so I get to go home, chill out for a few hours, before we take off for our projected start place, in Blythe, CA (talk about long day!)

Hope to see you there!


katie b said...

kick ass Denner! lots of prayers for a safe ride are coming your way.

Ulyana said...

It's really awesome what you are doing!!!! GOOD LUCK, and be safe!

Shan said...


Kick some ASS out there! I'll be cheerin' you!!

You've done all the prep, now enjoy the ride :)

MJ said...

Wicked. This is the post I needed... looking forward to following you guys!

Good luck!

tinaparker87 said...

Congrads on the finish!