Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Music Recommendations?

So, I recently learned that our follow vehicle is equipped with some outward facing speakers. Although I have never ridden my bike with music (via mp3 player), I definitely plan on taking advantage of the music when I need a little something (anything!) to get through the night, hard times, etc.

So, with that said does anyone have any recommendations for great get-up-and-go type stuff?

I do know that the first song I will play is Crystal Methods Trip like I do (original album version, not the filter remix)

Hit Me!


Nikee Pomper said...

The entire Daft Punk Alive cd is GREAT!
- Encore (live version) Jay Z
- Dont ask me why but I've been loving Lady Gaga (I know, soo gay)
- Swagger like Us, TI
- That new song from Black Eyed Peas
- NWA, although I dont think it would be appropriate to blast in public
- In Search of..., NERD

Apparently I love rap while I am working out...

Brian said...


Son's gonna rise by Citizen Cope. Not so much for the music but the lyrics "In a mile you'll be feelin' fine."

Pretty much anything from Hybrid Theory by Linkin Park.

I got my P2SL in it's first race action this past weekend. Sweet bike! Going again this weekend. Nice looking P2 you've got there.

SanDiegoPJ said...

There's so much to choose from get yourself a good amt of rock and rap. High tempo stuff that will allow you to not think about anything but the music and the lyrics but without dropping your pace.

Honestly, I'd prolly throw a CD together with some random movie quotes between songs. Some stuff from GLadiator and 300, etc. Sounds dumb but that shit gets me fired up!