Thursday, June 04, 2009

A Few Very Cool Updates

Nothing training related, but definitely some cool stuff happening!

A big thanks goes out to Kenny Souza (Duathlon Legend, and RAAM solo finisher), clif bar rep, for hooking us up with a TON of product for the race!

I stoked to say that Matt Simpson, owner of Oceanside's Rivet Cycle Sport, will be crewing for Team ViaSat. Specifically, he will be driving for Larry and I!

Media Frenzy! After talking with Larry, I learned of a few bad ass things that we plan on doing during the race. We will be having a 4 person broadcast crew (really?!) that will be in charge of the 24/7 live video feed, a website, twitter updates on the site (who is riding and where), conducting interviews, and uploading videos to I finally activated a twitter account and will probably update my facebook and this blog with how things are going (if I can ever figure out how to do it). Hit me up if you know how to do it!


beth said...

YOU ARE FAMOUS!!! i love it. this is a BIG deal. wow. go get em denner!

MJ said...

Wow.... we're gonna know the second you think about taking a leak. 4 person broadcast crew!!

"It looks like Denner needs to take a leak Bob."

"I agree Jim, he is squirming a bit in the saddle."

"He's still got another 18 minutes left in his shift - will he make it?"

On Twitter... it's like Blogger Lite - you'll have it figured out in 3 minutes flat.