Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Compression Recommendations?

I can't believe I am writing this (on the wide open internets no less), but...

I was thinking about it yesterday, with all the cycling I will be doing in RAAM (apx. 375 HARD miles in less than 6 days), and with the minimal ability to recover properly (ie. sitting in a car, sleeping 5 hours, maybe, in a hotel room, eating fast food), I think I wanna get some compression pants for the race/event/week. (Holy run on sentence).

I know about all the non-conclusive studies, but everyone I talk to says they feel better the next day after them, and its a "risk" I am willing to take. (However, please don't be concerned that I would wear them in public like others do - maybe in the comfort of my own friends).

With that written, does anyone have any recommendations? So far, I have received nods for zoot or SLS3. I am willing to listen to "Save your money" recommendations too.

Hit me!


MJ said...

I have some SKINS - they are awesome. I have no idea if they truly work but the placebo effect is worth the money.

Plus - these will never wear out if you are only lounging around the house, in cars and on planes... so the money isn't (or might not have to be) such a concern.

JP Flores said...

x 2 on Skins. the full tights are awesome and are breathable enough to wear under pants without getting too hot.

I also have the SLS3 socks. Very highly recommended if you don't want to do the tight route.

I tried on the zoots...I thought they were a bit on the heavy side. Not as breathable and they made my legs hot.

patrickcowgilldrain said...

Denner, as we talked about, I wear the Zoot recovery pants and love them. What is conclusive for me is I know I am less sore after wearing these compared to when I don't. Yes, the Zoot pants are warm - I don't recommend falling asleep with them on - but I feel they are definitely effective.

Nick B said...


I did RAAM last year and had a free pair of 2xu tights. They are alright - not the best. I like the Skins brand now. Use them religiously. Finish your rides, shower and get into them. I am familiar with the Viasat team approach thanks to John Tiner. Pay attention to your hydration & nutrition. Recovery is the key to success. Don't try to be superhuman the first 3 days. The real race starts once you cross the Missippi.

Paul said...

Dude you are racing RAAM. Send out some letter and get some sponsors!!!

The futuro socks at Walgreens are great for 10 bucks.


Catherine Baleda said...

Compression socks are better than pants. Though it will be recommended not to wear it in public or during your race.:)

I often buy my compression socks at Legs Therapy since they have good quality of compression socks and is available in different varieties you could choose from.You can try it if you want.