Friday, April 03, 2009

Wildflower Recon Videos

Here are the course preview videos that I did up at Lake San Antonio this past weekend. The run preview has a few unscheduled interviews in passing some poor innocent souls. Hopefully you find them "sofaking entertaining", and get can get past a little dry wit :)

Intro & Bike Preview

Run Preview

Oh, and by the way, the band of the weekend goes to The Darkness. You might remember them from 2003, but these brit rockers with 80's hair in the wrong decade just rock. I dare you to watch the following 2 videos, and NOT get them stuck in your head (like what I have been dealing with for 5 days!)


LG said...

Great videos!!

nick said...

One of these days your going to eat shit talking into your camera and riding. I hope you post the video!