Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Testing Run, Two

I have done a few run tests over the past week, with varying levels of pain.

Run Test #1 - Aerobic Test

I dare you to count how many times...

The test was to run 7 miles while keeping my HR at 155 (my apx. Aerobic Threshold) around a track. This doesn't include the 2.5 miles of warm up (around a track), the 4 x 10 second sprints (ouch) after the warm up and test (around the track), and the half mile cool down (you guessed it, around the track). All told, it was 10.5 miles... around the track. Coincidentally (or not), I ran more miles on the track on this day than I have in the past year. Woof.

Here is the data...

Mile 1: 7:19; Avg HR 146 (not correct)
Mile 2: 7:12; Avg HR 153
Mile 3: 7:12; Avg HR 153
Mile 4: 7:23; Avg HR 155
Mile 5: 7:24; Avg HR 156
Mile 6: 7:21; Avg HR 156
Mile 7: 7:27; Avg HR 157

I don't have any prior data to compare to, but I am definitely seeing progression in my run this year. I definitely have a ways to go, but I am happy with the results I am seeing so far. The key thing I took away from this session was that I was relatively consistent.

Now, I am sure thinking something like "Dude, 10.5 miles around a track? That sounds mentally and physically painful and just downright boring. WTF does Chuckie have this guy doing?" Honestly, it wasn't that bad at all, and dare I say - quite enjoyable (in an enjoyable way that only an endurance athlete could understand).

In reality, I love running at the track. I like running hard and fast (relatively speaking, of course). I like the monotony of the track (wait, what?) because it puts me in a mindset that I need to be in when I race: focusing on myself, and getting to the next point. I don't know about you, but I get kinda anxious and think too much during the run, and I really need to break it down into little portions - kinda like buoys in the swim. Being on a track helps me break it down into small chunks - 400m at a time.

Run Test #2 - Anaerobic Run Test - Carlsbad 5000

This wasn't part of Coach's master plan, but I figured I'd do it as a "fun race" (actually, I did it b/c someone else paid for my registration!). It was kinda whack because my wave didn't start until 11:30am (WTF!), but that allowed me to sleep in a little on Sunday (and let me process some margaritas from the night previous!). At any rate, I forgot how much work a 5K is - my warm up was longer than the race! As with any 5K's, it hurt.

Here is the data...

Mile 1: Slower than 6:09; Avg HR: getting higher; bobbing and weaving between everyone
Mile 2: Who knows; Avg HR: ouch
Mile 3: faster than 6:09; Avg HR: let it fly!
Mile .1: ouch

I obviously didn't take HR and lap times because I don't believe in that stuff during races, but with a final time of 19:07 and pace of 6:09 - I'll take it!

After wards, I did an easy 5 hour spin (if such a thing exists!) and enjoyed the beautiful weather we had this weekend!

Huge Congrats to all those who raced (and crushed!) Oceanside this past weekend: Damian, Pomper, Tawnee (podiumed!), Kevin and JP (who, as if he wasn't fast enough, is getting faster).

On tap

Provided the weather holds true, I am going up to spend the weekend with the man himself and have him put me through the ringer. I have receive a preview of what is in store, and I already have visions of being thankful for cruise control since I don't anticipate having the strength to push the gas pedal Sunday afternoon...


JP Flores said...

that track workout is nutty. Chuckie V has got you doing some tough stuff.

Nice job at the 5K!!

Nikee Pomper said...

Your workouts are CRAZY! You rocked the track workout. You are going to crush it at WF (and then we will drink beer).

Paul said...

Nice work buddy. I did those long track runs too. Sometimes when my knee is bugging me I just go run the track cuz it's flat and doesn't mess me up. Word up.

Ulyana said...

We ran Carlsbad together!!!

Awesome job on the 5K.... especially the consistency - something I had a problem with! Excellent time!

patrickcowgilldrain said...

Dood - I'm going to have to try that track test. I'm very curious to know how fast I would run keeping my heart rate in the 150s. Thanks for providing an alternative workout, even if it happens to be going in circles.

Also, I have to tell ya, that's a great 5K time. I dream about breaking the 20:00 barrier. I'm not far from it. Just ran one last month where I finished in around 20:30. Little by little we're getting there. Thanks for the moto.