Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wildflower Recon

Do camping sunrises ever get old?

This past weekend, I went up to Lake San Antonio, CA – home of the Wildflower Triathlons, to do some course recon.

I headed up with my buddy Dan who I did IMLP with it, and his fiancĂ© Arlene, who was up with her LA TNT team. It just so happened that every TNT team in the state was there that weekend, so it wasn’t just course recon, but party recon as well!

Saturday, the plan was to ride the course with a warm up until mile 10, race pace from mile 10 – 40, and then just bring it in.

One nerd and one walking advertisement before the ride.

I have been just absolutely itching to race lately, so getting up there to do some race pace efforts would be a deec substitution for not doing superseal. Great job to James, Beth, Paul, Carrie and Michelle for killing it out there in the 'nado on Sunday! Afterwards, it was to re-familiarize myself with the pain cave that is the run course.

Not only was it course recon, but it was race-idiot recon as well. I swear, at every race I am at, there is always someone out to get me. So, I am barreling along at mile 8, and there is this dude up ahead who is all over the road. It wasn’t exactly windy, and he is holding a line about as good as a toddler handling a bike without training wheels – all over our lane, crossing over the divider – just all over the place. As I approached him, I was yelling car back (because there actually was one), and I was starting to fear for my safety as well. As I passed him, I noticed he was on a P3C, Zipp 808’s and a wireless powertap. $7,000 worth of bike gear, and he never learned how to ride it. Nice.

In addition to race-idiot recon, was preparation for peeing on the bike, which was executed with perfection at about mile 33.

I finished the bike somewhere between 2:45 and 3:00, and started out on the run course. The plan was to “keep it easy”, but the only thing easy about this course is nothing. The hill from mile 3.7-5 still sucks, and still makes me walk part of it. Fortunately, one of the great thing about being up there the same weekends as hundreds of others is the fact that there were aid stations on the run! At about mile 5.5, some woman flagged me down, and hooked up some ice water. I promptly dumped on my head, and started with some race pace efforts.

I was obviously “in the zone” (or out of my mind) when I completely missed this arrow

And this arrow

And these 2 arrows…

signaling to take a right off the road and head onto the trails. I realized this about 5 minutes when I ended up doing an unnecessary loop. Thankfully, only a few people caught my idiocy!

Afterwards, it was the dreaded down and then uphill between miles 9.25 and ~11. I actually crushed the uphill coming back up, but just like last year, the flat section to the last uphill brought me to a screeching halt. I cruised the last downhill, and then jumped in the lake for a quick cool down before dinner.

The run course is definitely tough.

Sunday, the plan was to ride the bike course again, and try to replicate the effort from the day previous. It was colder, and definitely windier, but the data (or my helmet!) proved something was working:

Saturday; Miles 10-40

• Avg Power: 210W
• Avg Speed: 21.6mph
• Avg HR: 153

Sunday, Miles 10-40

• Avg Power: 207W
• Avg Speed: 22.1mph (maybe aero helmets really work!)
• Avg HR: 148

We kicked back for the next few hours and then made the trek back to SoCal.

How thirsty are you? We obviously went left...

... because I was thirsty for some wine that was sofaking bueno!

In-and-out, animal style (naturally) – so worth it!

Overall, a killer weekend, and I CANNOT WAIT to get up there in 4 weeks!

I also did some pretty sweet race preview videos that will get uploaded onto amateur endurance within the next few days, so be sure to check ‘em out there!


jameson said...

holy crap dude... way to nail those rides. that is a HUGE weekend. my money is on you! you are killing it.

see ya at the track tomorrow.

Chuckie V said...

Sofa King Bueno! Looking forward to the videos! I trust they'll be Sofa King entertaining.

MJ said...

I've gotta come down for Wildflower one of these years... It's on the list - looks awesome! Great job on the recon.

Ang said...

Good ole central coast!!! Next time you gotta stop in Morro Bay and get some Taco Temple!!