Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Testing 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Holy week of tests.

Friday, I had to give a verbal final exam in class.
Friday night, I knocked out 2750 yahds in the pool, 1500 of which was a TT (actually, it was 1450 yards b/c I cant count for sh!t).
Saturday, we had to give a team final presentation in class.
Monday, I had a different team final due.
Then later this week, I have an aerobic run test, which I am surprisingly looking forward to, as painful as it will be.



After dropping some more smack in my previous post, I got just what I had coming to me.

Sunday morning, I had a rude ride planned, and rather than doing it on my tri bike in the rain (since the last time I did this, I had to replace a headset AND bottom bracket, and I didn't want to have to add a wireless powertap to the mix), so I opted for the MTB in the rain. "Who cares if I get muddy and wet on that thing?" I thought.

But, what I didn't think about was "What happens if my chain snaps 19 miles from my car?" Yep. I started off at PQ west, and by the time I was about a mile east of pomerado in Poway, I was powering up a hill when all I heard was "Ding!", and then all the sudden I had a cadence of like 200 with zero tension. Thankfully, I gave Damian a call (and had my phone battery die on me shortly afterwards!), and he came and picked my wet and muddy ass up.

What did I do next? Well, of course after making fun of the "Dark Horse" and saying he is stuck on the trainer in Rhode Island, I went back to my place and did TWO HOURS AND FIFTEEN F'N MINUTES ON THE BLOODY TRAINER. The best way to describe it was miserable. Nothing like being aero for a long time with no change of scenery, no decrease in tension and no wind to cool you down.

Ain't Karma a b!tch? :)

I grabbed some food afterwards, chilled, and then did a sweet time-in-the-bank run afterwards in San Elijo Lagoon (where else would I run?), where I surprisingly felt really good the entire time. This week was my biggest run week at 5 hours, and things are starting to feel pretty good.

Up ahead - lots of hill work. To quote my coach, he said "We should even be swimming hills".



jameson said...

way to get it done homey! let me know if you need a coach/data recorder/videographer at the track... i'm down. I can even try to rock a mohawk if it helps for motivation!

D a v e P said...

Hey Ryan,
The trainer sucks BIG time, although, putting in 2 hours is more like 3hours in real time because you don't get the free momentum roll on flats, let alone any downhills.
With all that said, I'd still much rather ride outside anyway.
Good luck swimming your hills this week!