Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sizing up the Competition

There has been a lot of "chatter" on email and facebook over the past few days regarding my latest video on

Pat Drain , the self proclaimed "Dark Horse", has been talking all sorts of smack. Listen Pat, you dubbed yourself "Dark Horse" because you live in Rhode Island, and even with DST, you are still probably stuck on the trainer or dreadmill at 5pm because it's still dark outside. Not to mention the temperature is not exactly what I'd call "race specific". I admit, you have ran exactly one more half marathon than I this year so far (Pat 1, Ryan 0), and probably have run more than I, but running a half mary in temperatures that require a fleece headband, pants and a jacket ain't gonna prepare you for the heat and hills of lake san antonio come early may.

Damian is talking smack as well, which is amazing because it shows that he actually took time out of his day to stop eating, and do something else with his pie hole. What's even more amazing, is the amount of energy he is expending while being sick. Personally, I suggest that he conserve his energy for race day so he doesn't have excuses.

Paul, the good sport and competitor, is taking it all in stride, and laughing his ass off. Which, thankfully, is one of the few body parts that isn't showing in one of the pictures I use.

So, if you haven't seen it already, and don't mind watching my ugly mug, here 'tis...


Damian said...

for the record, the reason that we stopped at Wendy's was because Denner left his man-gina back on highway 67 and was beginning to bonk. lets hope that he doesnt have an array of excuses this year an wf....

patrickcowgilldrain said...

Nicely done, Denner. One thing is for sure - I have zero ability out here on the East Coast for race specificity. That is to say, mimicking Wildflower conditions just ain't gonna happen. But, as you mention, I'm working with what I got.

It's definitely nice to have the competition we've got. It keeps things interesting.

Nick said...


1: Don't hate on the eaters.
2: "Bike fitness in triathlon is like a nuclear arsenal, best when not used" ~someone smarter than me