Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Enjoying a San Diego Moment

Today, I had one of the most enjoyable bike rides I think I have ever done.

The scheduled called for a 90 minute easy spin - if I could fit it in. I hit the road at about 5:45pm, for an easy spin down to La Jolla. I had no goals or objectives in this ride, other than to cap the HR at 145 going up TP.

I set out, and just casually spun south on 101. A commuter cyclist passed with me with 2 saddle bags, but the ego in me didn't come out and say "there is no way I will let this guy pass me". I spun up TP, headed over to UCSD, and turned around.

On my way back to Solana, myself and another cyclist were going back and forth. What I found comedic was we both had power taps, so whenever the two of us were close to one another, it was like a damn hornet's nest with all the clicking. After this went on for a few moments, I made a comment about it, and we started chatting about (what else) training and such. Shortly after she finished "her story", she mentioned that her turn was in cardiff, and we parted ways. Since it was just before sunset, I turned around shortly after that.

Even though I was coming down the hill with a nice straight away next to the beach, I held back, and just kinda people watched going through "downtown". As I passed the restaurant, I noticed that the bottom of the sun was just touching the pacific. During this quarter mile stretch of road, I took it all in: the 30ish people taking pictures of the sunset, the 15 or so surfers in the water, a few runners doing the same as I.

Then it hit me, and those of you in San Diego know exactly what I am talking about: I had a San Diego moment. You know, those "Wow, I am so lucky to be living here right now" moments. As I made my way to "the hill" going up to solana beach, I looked back one more time to find the top of the sun just barely over the pacific, only to have it set as the hill started to obstruct my view.

It wasn't just the San Diego Moment that made the ride enjoyable, it was the fact that I was just enjoying the bike ride.

So often, we endurance athletes get so caught up in training, that we lose sight of actually enjoying it. Yeah, its cool to have an aweome swim (do those even happen?! :]), a killer bike, or a great run, but its not that often that we actually get to enjoy a training session.

Even though I took my power meter with me and it said I did worked at an average rate of 145W, I don't feel like I did any "work" at all.


beth said...

yeah= sounds like an awesome moment denner...hope all is well in chuckie-ville- he sounds tough!

jameson said...

i know exactly what you're talking about! i have those a couple of mornings each week on my mountain bike. I climb to the top my "hill" and see the sun coming up over the mountains in the east and then i can see the ocean to the west... i love it... and it's usually about 630am!

oh yeah... you could of made more of san diego moment by cracking a Stone, Green Flash, alesmith, or firehouse Ale afterwards... just keep that in mind for the future!

BreeWee said...

That is AWESOME to be riding in a place you JUST LOVE and adore... glad you had that moment!!

Hey, question, you did IMLP or you are doing IMLP??? Hope you get some more good SD moments!!

Paul said...

Oh yah I remember those days. Now I have to use a virtual cyclist on my trainer to keep me from slacking. I said there's no way I'm letting "me" from last week beat me here! LOL

I wish I could get out during the week on the bike like that.

I did get a sunset run on the beach though. It was a zoo!

Gotta love SD tho!

Trevor Glavin said...

Being new to the area I have those moments quite a bit I feel like...nothing like it! You are spot on when you say we get too caught up in just training and fail to see whats going on around us...this year I am much more aware and it makes training/racing so much more rewarding.
Keep it up man!

Shan said...

A BIG YES to this post - I had one of those moments running on the beach last week, and will probably have another one this afternoon :). We are so lucky to live in such paradise!!

And I don't have to tell you how much I agree about the getting caught up in training and missing the forest for the trees - right on, man, right on...

D a v e P said...


Nikee Pomper said...

Awesome! San Diego Moments are the absolute best. Sounds like you are having a great couple of weeks. We need to catch up my friend :)