Monday, March 16, 2009

Desert Weekend

Only in the desert can you wake up to this...

Killer Weekend out in Borrego springs with TCSD.

Saturday: probably the hardest ride I have ever done, as far as intensity and duration. The motion based link doesn't really provide the true picture, but this does:

It all started out nice with a group of 20 or so. About 3 miles in, I mentioned to the person next to me that we were starting to split up a bit, and looked back to see who was with us. The gentlemen behind me looked me square in the eyes, and said with a rather firm voice "Don't slow down".

I thought to myself "Gonna be one of those rides I guess". Having not ridden in a group in forever, I figured what the hey!

I proceeded to not slow down, and before I knew it, there were 6 of us pace-lining through the southern california desert. When I got to mile 10, I realized I was already half way done with my fluids, and that the pace was relentless. "I have no business riding with these guys" I told myself. Then I thought "riding alone sucks a hell of a lot more". We kept a solid rotation going, and traveled the 28 miles to the salton sea in about 1hr 11min. We returned in much the same manner, only with a slight head wind.

After a hard fought 56 miles, I (and everyone else) can honestly say the cool down was harder than the rest of the ride.

Shortly after getting back to camp, a few of us headed out for a hike...

Desert Oasis! For real!

Inside the Oasis!

Continuing past the oasis leads to some waterfalls...

Ever wonder where a river ends?

Few random pics:

What is becoming typical triathlete attire - even in a social setting. (Kevin, really?)

Someone's hungry!

Saturday night was "letting loose". By that I mean, I drank wine like it was water. This mind you, coming from a guy who was in the desert, and was worried about not hydrating enough earlier in the day!

The bi-annual TCSD marshmallow fight!

Sunday, we did "hill top challenge" (promptly at 9am), and let's just say climbing a steep hill made my lungs burn, and got me back to reality very quickly! No hangover either!

After pounding water and OJ like it was wine, Paul and I headed out on a solid 10 miler. I don't know if my HRM was not on correctly or if the wine from the night previous had EPO in it, but I have never run 8 min miles at 150HR for any duration, so I'll take it!

The rest of the day sunday was spent being shelled from the weekend, and loving every second of it!


jameson said...

sounds fun man... I am bummed we missed it!

way to throw down the watts and wine! Go Big!

Jeff said...

you know its a good ride're moving time was only 3 seconds less than your total time...looks like a killer ride dude.