Monday, February 02, 2009


This past week, I put in my biggest week (ever, @ 17.5 hours), but really, the thing that was amazing was the 12.5 hours/218 miles of cycling I laid out.

Tuesday was 28 years after I was born, so I took off from work (as in, my employer), and had Chuckie put me to work. A solid 3 hour ride, with a transition run afterwards. I also hammered out a bike power test on Thursday (see my breakfast afterwards!), and a killer RAAM simulation ride on saturday. I started off with some RAAM teammates, but after we hit the turn around point at Dana Point, I was in a groove, and took off. I actually ended up doing another loop inside pendleton to get in my time. 95 miles in just over 5 hours - including warm up and cool down. Solid.

Average view during the ride:

What was even better is that I wasn't completely shelled afterwards. Probably has something to do with these muffins, and the soon-to-be-posted bars I put down (we're working on it James!!). My high fat diet so far this year has been working wonders for me. I am definitely a lot less run down after big workouts, which is great for me mentally. I love being "worked" in a workout, but not at the expense of being a waste for rest of the day.

Sunday, I headed down to chulajuana to meet Paul and Nikee for the Otay Lakes ride. This was my "Wildflower" ride (the day after a RAAM ride - crazy - I know). I let Paul and Nikee climb the honey springs hill, and I ended up doing my intervals on the main road. It was pretty sweet being out in the middle of nowhere with more cyclists than motorists! After another 50 miler, Paul and I knocked off a solid 45 minute transition run afterwards.

After that, it was relaxin and the superbowl. I am not a huge football fan, but it was definitely a sweet game. I did the obligatory overloaded on guac/5 layer dip during the game, and it felt nice just to veg for the rest of the day!

The doritos commercials were the best I thought, but I really dug this commercial. I think it's a pretty cheesy product ("G"), and it reminded like a Nike commercial. Bad ass.

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jameson said...

Killer week dude! I am loving the primal fusion blog. MORE FAT!!!