Friday, January 09, 2009

Food Review: Sunflower Seed Butter


I went to Trader Joe's tonight after swim to grab some food, and wanted to hit TJ's specifically b/c I was jonesin for some almond butter. After getting the usual paleo diet items, I made my way over to the nut butter aisle, and saw this option: sunflower seed butter.

I had a conversation the other day about sunflower seeds, so I was intrigued. I was asked if they are healthy are not, and I replied with a resounding "Yes!". I was then asked if I liked them, and I replied with "They are good, but they are just too much work to eat" - so you can imagine my delight when I found the butter version of it!

It tastes just like you would think it would: a nut butter with all that great consistency coupled with the taste of sunflower seeds. I will note that the consistency is very similar the TJ's creamy peanut butter, versus any of the almond butters. As with any nut butters, it good right out of the jar, or slathered on top of fruit, or your favorite granola/oat bar. Some people out there might shun the fact that it contains evaporated cane juice (read: sugar), but the modest 3g of sugar per serving is hardly anything. The caloric breakdown is right on par with almont/peanut butter at F/C/P 16g/7g/7g.

At any rate, it's definitely a worthy alternative or option when you are looking for some different than the usual almond or peanut butter (especially those with allergies).

Fuel for the fire baby!


tinaparker87 said...

Thanks for sharing. I will let Scott know about your finding. I like the map. A picture worth a thousand words.

Shan said...

Have you tried the cashew butter from TJ's? It's actually REALLY tasty! I've been doing the paleo thing for a little while now and I love it!