Monday, January 12, 2009

2009 Infrastructure Upgrades: Coach and PowerTap

When I was training for Ironman, I made the decision to NOT get a coach for a number of reasons.

Ultimately, I was confident that I would be able to finish an Ironman, and finishing in a respectable time would be gravy. Do I think I trained to my potential? Not really, but honestly, there is something to be said about training yourself to finish an Ironman that has a certain pride associated with it. I had an amazing experience during my 8 months of training that I wouldn't trade that for anything.

But training for Race Across America, that is something that is just a little different. How do you train for a trans-continental endurance race? Bike a lot? For sure. I also heard that the training was unorthodox (as if any training was orthodox).

I was very fortunate to be asked to attend a graduate program at UCSD that started this past fall that will go through fall of 2009. I also met a very special lady a few months back. I was (and still am) a little concerned about balancing it all (maybe I need to take some notes how these two do it!). I needed some help developing a master training plan to help me prepare myself for RAAM, and to bring my A-Game for Wildflower Long Course this year against Damian and Paul!

Infrastructure Upgrade #1: Coach: Chuckie V

I have been following Chuckie's blog for about a year now. I totally dig his writing, perspectives, and knowledge. Oh, and his athletes generally seem to kick ass. There are a number of other reasons why I chose him, but really, it just seemed like a natural fit for my 2009 goals. Nothing much more to add other than that.

Infrastructure Upgrade #2: Wireless PowerTap

Damn my coach for making me get one expensive gadget!

I am not gonna lie - I don't know shit about PowerMeters, and am not even sold on how they can help. But, Coach nearly insisted, and who am I to argue? For any newbies out there who are curious to see what its like to train with a PM, check into the blog since I would like to educate people like myself who simply have no clue.

Although I do have my concerns about doing everything this year, I am totally pumped for what lies ahead over the next 5.5 months!

Bring it on!


jameson said...

It sounds like '09 is going to be fun one. It's all about the balance and I am sure you can handle it.

I can't wait to see the kind of crazy shit CV has you doing. It's going to run to follow along.

riding this weekend?

Chris said...

I've used a powertap for one season, and I like it - though you are right that it is arguable if it is worth the expense. I would recommend the "bible": Training and Racing with a Power Meter, by Hunter Allen and Andrew Coggan. After reading that you'll probably want to dump the Saris software for WKO+. I do my CP30 tests once a month at Fiesta Island, let me know if you'd like to join in.

MJ said...

Two very nice upgrades. I would love it if my coach "nearly insisted" I buy a powermeter - I've been needing that nudge.

This is going to be awesome to follow....

Shan said...

Congrats Ryan, on so many levels - the new coach (I also really enjoy reading CV's blogs - he's brilliant and honest, a good combo indeed!), the new PM, and the new lady friend!

Coming from someone who also balances grad school, a committed relationship, and some semblance of training (although 2009 won't be a huge year of racing for me due to finishing my degree), I can only offer this - patience and good communication is everything. Balancing it all is definitely do-able, but just don't beat yourself up if it is hard at first!

I'm really looking forward to watching your journey towards RAAM!

Nikee Pomper said...

You are going to be an animal this year. I'm looking forward to hearing all about this journey.

I'm in for Sunday.

micro1985 said...

Jay said...


Cool yellow toy!

SanDiegoPJ said...'re gonna have to bring more than your A game. You might want to bring someone faster and just give them your bib. It'll be easier for you to take the defeat that way.