Saturday, September 27, 2008

Killer Week

Sunday, I flew up to San Fran for Oracle Open World - Oracle's big 35,000 person conference.

In the interest of keeping this blog G rated, let's just say my presentation went very well, and the rest of open world was spent "networking" - and it's safe to say it was an extension of the killer weekend. I also did get a chance to catch up with my friends Moog, Jeff and Garuna too. Here we are throwin down on some thai food at osha:

I got back on Thursday with a major itch to get on it. So, I grabbed my steed, and started heading down the coast with no set plans or anything. 90 minutes later, I had already done 3 repeats up via capri. The first time, I literally thought my eyes were going to bug out of my head. I was kinda spent after that, so I decided its time to head back and get some sleep. I ended up chatting with another cyclist and the next thing I know I am up in carlsbad! So, what I originally wanted to be a "detox" ride, ended up being a 3.5 hour jaunt up and down the coast!

It is good to be back, and now it's time to stop blogging and log some more time in the saddle. Git it!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Killer Weekend

Thursday: TCSD Aquathon

Second one ever, first one this season. What the hell, right?

Swim: All I am gonna say is that this was the first time I have swam since 7/20. It was funny, during the first 100m or so, I was like "Man, this is easy, I can't believe that I haven't lost any swim fitness". Yeah right. The next 900m or so were just plain awful. I went completely off course at least twice, and in general, it just hurt. I got out of the water, got to my transition area, and I was just dizzy. I am not saying I was dizzy to make a joke, but seriously, I almost fell over 4 times ... for each leg I had to take out of my wetsuit. My vision was just not straight. When I looked at my towel afterwards, it looked like there was a wrestling match that just took my place. I put on my Vibram's, and then it was off on to the run:

the run was fun - I definitely pushed it, and it definitely hurt.

Chow time:Post race grub: Leucadia Pizza and Salad

The BEST cookie/muffin things I HAVE EVER HAD!! these things went fast! I think they were called aussie bites

Post Race, I met up with my boy's Kenny and Bassam from NYC who were in town this weekend for street scene. Bassam is good friends with the manager at Ra where they had $1 PBR's (!!!!), and they were having a sick 80's party.

Friday: Grant and Bello rolled into town from OC/LA, followed by Beach Volleyball all day, then Street Scene Volume #1

Bassam and I had "Kids" by Mgmt stuck in our heads all day, so it was only fitting of what song was on when we first walked in:

How to keep both hands busy for half the night:

The crew (minus Greg):

Saturday: Beach Volleyball all day, followed by Street Scene Volume #2

Hydrating via coaster:

The crew (+1 unknown):

Sunday: Regroup, pack, and get on a plane for Open World in San Fran. I flew Virgin America for the first time, and I have to say that it is BY FAR, the coolest airline ever. They have this little media center computer thingy for each person (and its free), where you can listen to music (good music at that!), watch music videos, watch news, sports - pretty much everything. This allowed me to see the video for one of my fav songs: Pork and Beans by Weezer. This video is hi-lar-i-ous! Dig it!

Monday, September 15, 2008


2 straight weekends in a row of rockin the MTB in PQ Canyon.

2 straight weekends of me realizing I need to MTB a hell of a lot more.

You see, the MTB and I have a love/hate relationship.

I have had my MTB for almost exactly 4 years now, and it rarely gets ridden more than 4 times a year. It's not because I am a road snob, it's because I normally can't find many people to go mountain biking with. To be frank (whoever frank is), eating shit by yourself just isn't nearly as much fun as it is to eat shit and laugh about it with someone. Eating shit, of course, is having the ability to completely fall off or crash your MTB at any given moment doing anything from going way to fast to conditions, or simply, doing nothing that could cause any type of accident.

The love/hate relationship extends past the consumption of shit, in that I always have a blast mountain biking, and I always get my ass kicked. Mountain biking is so much different than road biking in a number of ways: the jarring of rocks and bumps, the intense focus on the technical ascents and descents, the pure joy of downhill singletrack, and ass kicking climbs that require tons of power to make it up. You see, MTB's aren't exactly featherweight, and mine my is not exactly an exception to that, in anyway shape or form. So, the winter training will definitely call for plenty of MTBing, and plenty of ass kicking.

Ok, so enough of that. Saturday, I went riding with my homeboy James, and it was def a killer ride. Climbing Black Mountain is very rude, and will definitely be done quite a few times over the course of the next few months. Riding through "The Tunnels" was also just bad ass - I could probably spend all day in there! Riding with better cyclists always makes for a great workout, and this was no exception. James is just going to KILL IT at nationals and world's this year!

Monday, September 08, 2008

Just Good Training, Fun and Articles

Nothing structured (as if I ever did anything "structured"), just good, fun training going on here.

During the week, I am usually doing Cross Fit(ish) 1-2x/week (usually once since I am sore for days), and of course, spin.

Labor day weekend, I went camping with Erin, Jay, Paul, Carrie and Damian to get off the grid, and so I could do a TT up AND down the E grade of Palomar Mountain (more on that later). If you ever thought about camping at La Jolla Indian Reservation: don't. It's expensive, and it's freakin loud until all hours of the night with screaming lunatics who don't speak-eh-any-english. Well, at least it was in our section, but regardless, is camping ever a bad time?!?! Nope - all in good company!

Here are some pics...

Vibram's in full effect (Review to come soon):

Beautiful Lake Henshaw at the start of the climb...

Me asking Paul why he wore the same thing I did (kidding)... Post Ascent/Descent discussion and analysis (of course):

Never let Jay setup your tent while you practice descending a mountain...

and a vid of me grinding up the mountain (not exactly happy):

This past saturday, I broke out the MTB for the first time in months (it still works!), and Damian and I hit up a 2.5 hour ride in Penasquitos Canyon for some exploring. I knew there were some good trails off the beaten path (north side), and I wanted to scope out more. I know someday soon I am gonna just go on a 4(+?) hour ride out there and just rip every trail. I forgot how much fun downhill single track is, and am stoked to get out there again soon. I also plan on doing a fair amount of mountain biking this winter since it always such a killer workout.

Total times I ate shit: 3 (2 because I am an idiot, another because I was blazing through 6 inch wide singletrack!)

Sunday, Paul, Damian and I did the Great Western Loop - my favorite ride. I definitely crushed the hills, flats and downhills, and felt like a million bucks afterwards. And, I ran for the first time as a T-Run for the first time since LP! I was on cloud 9 for the rest of the day.

I cooked up a serious feast sunday night (japanese curry), and just kicked back livin and lovin...

I also posted two articles on this week (with a little help from someone), so go check 'em out...

My Daily Stretch Routine
Pass the Fat!

ps- I just cracked open a beer, and oh man is it good!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Barbara Warren

Most of you in the endurance community have heard of the passing away of local San Diego resident, and superstar endurance athlete Barbara Warren. Slowtwitch did a great write up on her story here.

The reason for this post in particular is because I am reading a book about her and her twin sister, Angelika. Although I am only a mere 30 pages into the book, I am pretty gripped by the story so far. If you don't mind a little deep thought, inspiration, the handling of adversity, a touch of spirituality and a little push out of your comfort zone, this is definitely a good book, and is a very easy read.

I received this book from my buddy Damian, who was actually given this book by Angelika, Barbara's twin sister. Some months ago, they both were leaving costco one day where she saw Damian's tri bike in the back of his Jeep, started talking to him, and then gave him a copy of the book (ie. their life story).

It's a small world people...