Wednesday, December 17, 2008

How to pee on the bike

Chris - like Beth said - careful what you wish for!...

When I first started in triathlon, my TNT coach Gurujan Dourson, would always talk about peeing on the bike. It was weird because TNT usually attracts a lot of newbies – most of whom don’t care about peeing on the bike in a triathlon. He would always preach “practice, practice practice!” and all the girls would go “eww eww eww!”

I however immediately caught the triathlon bug, and always made note about the severity of his tone whenever he discussed said subject. You could say I was curious and intrigued by this concept, but felt that I would do it only when necessary, rather than going out of my way to perform such act.

He always made a point that this “natural process” is as important as quick transitions in a race, since if you have to go and CAN’T, you are either going to be miserable, or have to stop. If you stop, you better stop at an approved place, or if you don’t, you’ll get fined and have minutes added to your time! I don’t care if you are FOP, MOP or BOP – minutes are minutes, and minutes are the enemy!

I first learned how to pee on the bike during WF 2008 (twice). I had no idea what the “correct” method was, but I found something that worked for me, so to me, it’s correct! During IMLP this year, I damn near received my pro-card in the practice.

The Act

The key to letting it all go is a downhill, some relaxation, and a carefree attitude. Once you crest the hill, stop pedaling, stand up on your bike, and try to relax a bit. Personally, I find I can’t relax while seated, and I definitely can’t relax while pedaling. Once gravity has taken over and you start descending, let loose. It might take a second or two of concentration, but once it starts, there is no stopping until it’s done. Also, don’t worry about other people behind you. Once they realize what is happening, they will get out of the way very quickly.

Let me also say that after doing it once, it becomes so much easier to do it again. At WF, I peed at miles 40 and 45! At IMLP, I simply lost count.

Now, some say “Gross – now you’re covered in pee”. Listen people, it’s all about getting to the finish line ASAP, not smelling as good as possible. But realistically, it can’t smell all that worse how everything else smells. Not to mention you’re doing it on the bike, which means the wind (not to mention the wind from going downhill) will help evaporate things very quickly. Oh, and if you are properly hydrated, it is probably closer to evian than anything.

If you have other ideas or better ways – let me know!


JMoTriBella said...

Nice article! I peed on my bike at IMAZ 8 times! I received an email from a friend that read my blog (new to tri's) and she was shocked. I saved 20 minutes off my time baby! Totall worth it!!

Dan said...

Thanks Ryan, now I have another thing to worry about on the descents besides avoiding drafting and wrecks.

Since you broke the seal at WF, I'm denoting this one the "RD wild-shower" technique.

Mary said...

Just found your blog through Beth's....This is an AWESOME post -great tips! I could not pee during matter how much I tried!