Monday, December 15, 2008

How to launch a snot rocket successfully & efficiently

(Beth, you said you wanted more posts - so here you go - enjoy!)

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Some might view this article as divulging a potential competitive advantage, while others may get a laugh out of it, but the bottom line is that you will no doubt benefit from reading this.

I was inspired to write this article when, about 10 months ago, I performed the rather natural motion of a single-handed-consecutive-double-nostril-snot-rocket, and received a compliment from my good friend Pat. After witnessing this act, he said “Whoa, Denner, that was amazing how fast and efficiently you did that.” I was of course honored and gave Pat some pointers for the next time he had some drippage.

As we approach the winter months, you will no doubt notice that while on your bike rides or runs during the colder temperatures, you will have to deal with the runny nose.

Because riding a bike takes considerably more coordination than running (for most people anyways), this “trick” may help you continue to build your aerobic base, while not putting yourself at danger for crash (although I can’t speak for anyone behind you). Without further adieu, here is how the act is performed.

First and foremost - make sure no one is behind you when you do this (unless they are your competition).

Take one hand (I prefer my left), and with your thumb and index finger, create a “chopstick” looking configuration:

Now, place your index on the opposite nostrol, and give a small tilt of the head towards your open nostril side. Pay close attention to not dropping your thumb into the trajectory path of the launching nostril.

Index Cover, Thumb Open

Index Cover, Thumb Open

Now, give a quick, yet forceful exhale.

After the snot has left your nostril, immediately, give a quick movement/flick of the wrist, and cover your other open nostril with your thumb.

Just as quickly, give another quick and forceful exhale.

Thumb Cover, Index Open

Thumb Cover, Index Open

If necessary, feel free to repeat. (If you notice, yes, that is a 140.6 sticker in the background, and this practice no doubt helped me get there).

With practice, you should be able to execute this maneuver in under half a second.

Best of luck!


Dan said...

Classic! I'll be awaiting the follow up post that offers aiming tips. Have a great off season!

beth said...

Be careful what you wish for

Tawnee said...
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Tawnee said...

I love this! I am the queen of snot-rockets, and not just in winter - mine are abundant yearround. Most guys usually are shocked at how liberal I am with unleashing the snot, but who wants a drippy nose? Am I saying too much here? ha ha. Anyways, I think you've inspired me to blog about snot-rockets, too :)

Chris said...

Nice! I see a whole series of "how to" articles on the more disgusting parts of our sport. Maybe "The fine art of bike pee'ing", or "Surviving the post race conditions of the port-o-lets"!

MJ said...

Forgive me.... does the snot rocket not fly directly onto your jersey? Especially in the index finger closed formation....

I always find myself doing some crazy lean over the side of the bike (as if I was picking something up off the ground) to avoid snot-on-the-jersey issues.

Ryan Denner said...

Hi MJ-

Occasionally it does - however, the key is to turn your a head a little bit, and if necessary, drop your shoulder, and maybe raise your head a little!