Saturday, September 27, 2008

Killer Week

Sunday, I flew up to San Fran for Oracle Open World - Oracle's big 35,000 person conference.

In the interest of keeping this blog G rated, let's just say my presentation went very well, and the rest of open world was spent "networking" - and it's safe to say it was an extension of the killer weekend. I also did get a chance to catch up with my friends Moog, Jeff and Garuna too. Here we are throwin down on some thai food at osha:

I got back on Thursday with a major itch to get on it. So, I grabbed my steed, and started heading down the coast with no set plans or anything. 90 minutes later, I had already done 3 repeats up via capri. The first time, I literally thought my eyes were going to bug out of my head. I was kinda spent after that, so I decided its time to head back and get some sleep. I ended up chatting with another cyclist and the next thing I know I am up in carlsbad! So, what I originally wanted to be a "detox" ride, ended up being a 3.5 hour jaunt up and down the coast!

It is good to be back, and now it's time to stop blogging and log some more time in the saddle. Git it!


BAM said...

dude, best kind of ride is the unplanned one. awesome.

hey, i have a new email - how do i get in touch with the AE guys?

JP Flores said...

cool. First time in 4 years I haven't gone to OpenWorld.

Always a good time.