Monday, September 08, 2008

Just Good Training, Fun and Articles

Nothing structured (as if I ever did anything "structured"), just good, fun training going on here.

During the week, I am usually doing Cross Fit(ish) 1-2x/week (usually once since I am sore for days), and of course, spin.

Labor day weekend, I went camping with Erin, Jay, Paul, Carrie and Damian to get off the grid, and so I could do a TT up AND down the E grade of Palomar Mountain (more on that later). If you ever thought about camping at La Jolla Indian Reservation: don't. It's expensive, and it's freakin loud until all hours of the night with screaming lunatics who don't speak-eh-any-english. Well, at least it was in our section, but regardless, is camping ever a bad time?!?! Nope - all in good company!

Here are some pics...

Vibram's in full effect (Review to come soon):

Beautiful Lake Henshaw at the start of the climb...

Me asking Paul why he wore the same thing I did (kidding)... Post Ascent/Descent discussion and analysis (of course):

Never let Jay setup your tent while you practice descending a mountain...

and a vid of me grinding up the mountain (not exactly happy):

This past saturday, I broke out the MTB for the first time in months (it still works!), and Damian and I hit up a 2.5 hour ride in Penasquitos Canyon for some exploring. I knew there were some good trails off the beaten path (north side), and I wanted to scope out more. I know someday soon I am gonna just go on a 4(+?) hour ride out there and just rip every trail. I forgot how much fun downhill single track is, and am stoked to get out there again soon. I also plan on doing a fair amount of mountain biking this winter since it always such a killer workout.

Total times I ate shit: 3 (2 because I am an idiot, another because I was blazing through 6 inch wide singletrack!)

Sunday, Paul, Damian and I did the Great Western Loop - my favorite ride. I definitely crushed the hills, flats and downhills, and felt like a million bucks afterwards. And, I ran for the first time as a T-Run for the first time since LP! I was on cloud 9 for the rest of the day.

I cooked up a serious feast sunday night (japanese curry), and just kicked back livin and lovin...

I also posted two articles on this week (with a little help from someone), so go check 'em out...

My Daily Stretch Routine
Pass the Fat!

ps- I just cracked open a beer, and oh man is it good!


patrickcowgilldrain said...

Sounds like life is good these days. A lot of fun stuff going on and you're just enjoying the ride. Can't wait to join you on some things like this when I return! Keep the good groove going, my friend.


Paul said...

Nice stuff!! I've got the original 5 fingers. The ones you have look pretty cool. I wonder how they stack up. I need to get back on them! Enjoy that beer.

Brian said...
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jay said...

I have to say you freaked me out a bit with the intensity level at the top of palomar. I was scared you were going to kill me if i didnt give you water... But in the back of my head I knew there is now way you were going to get off your bike... so I was safe. :)

Lets not go back to LJ Indy Res on a holiday weekend.