Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Barbara Warren

Most of you in the endurance community have heard of the passing away of local San Diego resident, and superstar endurance athlete Barbara Warren. Slowtwitch did a great write up on her story here.

The reason for this post in particular is because I am reading a book about her and her twin sister, Angelika. Although I am only a mere 30 pages into the book, I am pretty gripped by the story so far. If you don't mind a little deep thought, inspiration, the handling of adversity, a touch of spirituality and a little push out of your comfort zone, this is definitely a good book, and is a very easy read.

I received this book from my buddy Damian, who was actually given this book by Angelika, Barbara's twin sister. Some months ago, they both were leaving costco one day where she saw Damian's tri bike in the back of his Jeep, started talking to him, and then gave him a copy of the book (ie. their life story).

It's a small world people...


Mikey V said...

I was lucky enough to meet Barbara after the Silver Strand Half last year. She was always very positive, funny, and upbeat whenever I met her. I was very sad to hear about her passing. She was very inspirational.

I don't know Angelika as well, but she was very welcoming at her birthday party, which was when I found out they were twins. (I totally thought she was Barbara)

Dan said...

A timely and fitting post. I was never fortunate enough to meet Barbara, but when I read the story in the Trib, and the comments by Angelika, I was truly inspired, and saddened. It speaks volumes to the both of them that people like you, Mikey V, and others (in the Trib etc) have come out with their own stories of how these two sisters have touched their own lives. My best wishes and sympathy go out to Angelika as well.

Rachel said...

Such a great loss to the tri community to lose her. She was one of the Greats.