Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Recent Health Data Figures

Nerd Post...

Back in June, my company put on a "Health Fair", and I had some tests done:

Blood Glucose Level (non-fasting): 91
< 150: Normal
150-170: Pre-Diabetes
>200: Abnormal

For comparison, Mark Sisson is at 90! Damn, and I haven't even read the paleo diet for athlete's!

Cholesterol: 153 (don't have the HDL/LDL Distribution)
< 200 is desirable

Day before IM, courtesy of this thing:

Weight: 157 lbs (currently 154)
Body Fat: 10.3%
% Total Body Water: 61.9%
Muscle Mass: 133.8
Physique Rating: 5 (Avg Muscle/Avg Fat)
Basal Metabolic Rate: 1853 Calories (# of calories used by the body at rest)
Metabolic Age (my favorite): 12!!!!
Bone mass: 7 lb/kg
Visceral Fat Rating: 2 (1-12 is healthy)

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