Friday, August 29, 2008

Gym Culture

Pure Fitness just keeps getting better and better. Seriously!

So, back in college, and for the first few years after, I was a gym rat. And then I moved to San Diego (from the northeast), which reconfirmed my need to be outside. Prior to joining Pure Fitness, I went to a gym all of ONE time here in 4+ years. Now that I am doing some strength training, it made me realize how funny the gym really is.

First off, there is definitely a different clientele that congregate at the gym. I gotta say, I really feel bad for these people, who spend their time doing the vast majority of their physical activity inside when they live here, in San Diego. I mean, seriously, we get more sun than just about every city in the united states. At first, I was like "what's wrong with these people", but then after some time, I realized they just about everyone who goes could easily be considered metro, so I gave up the fight. Or maybe I should refer to the gym as a meat market? Going to the gym is like going downtown on a Saturday night. Everyone puts on their game face, and walks around like they are the shit! Couple the fact there is a HAIR SALON at my gym, and all I can do is laugh. But, in reality, it is a pretty bad ass place, and it does have TWO pools (inside and outside).

Here are some of the more entertaining personalities:
  • Big Buff Dude: Is easily twice as big as a normal human being should be. When he walks, he walks like he has a stick up his ass, and is so bulky, he barely moves. If you were to try to get his attention, he wouldn't be able to turn his neck to look at you because it's so swollen with muscle tissue - he would have to rotate his entire body. Besides, watching him use his arms to do anything is hilarious because his chest easily takes up 33% of his volume, which completely restricts his arm movement.

  • Flex Boy: Most likely going to be in his 20's, where's sleeveless shirts every time at gym (I admit, this used to be like this guy, but the rest isn't), and spends half of his time looking at himself in the mirror. He usually spends a solid 2 hours in the gym, but really only working out for about 30. The rest of the time he spends walking around making himself look good, flexing, and looking at himself in the mirror.
  • Huge Fake Breasts Woman: I admit it, this woman walked by me the other day, and I was completely frozen staring at her HUGE fake breasts. She could have looked at me, stopped, and smacked me and I still wouldn't have budged. Half of the gym probably was looking at me (and thinking "I don't blame him"). I mean, there were HUGE. She is completely disproportionate. This woman had to wear TWO sports bras (and no, I am not kidding).
  • I still have fake breasts, but not as big as hers: There are so many women in their 30's and 40's who have fake breasts at this gym, it makes me feel like I am in the pretentious OC. When the F did carlsbad try to be like our attention whore-ish northern cousin? Get real people, this is carlsbad-freakin-california, the home of legoland.
  • My life sucks: I feel so bad for these people. They go to the gym after a day of work, and what do they do? They either walk/jog/"run" on the treadmill, or barely spin the pedals on a stationary bike... and watch TV. What do they watch? Probably something like the news, which hasn't reported anything positive or good since it was created. What a great way to end the day - the world sucks, now back to Ken in weather ("Go outside, it's freakin beautiful out!!!")
  • The smartest man alive: One of maybe 3 men who go to an aerobics class, and workouts with a bunch of hot women that wear skimpy clothing. See video from my spin class post, or this guy. 'Nuff said.
I also gotta say that I thoroughly enjoy going to the gym, doing a cross fit (or variation of), being drenched within 20 minutes, and then I am done. And people look me and think "Wow, that guy actually came here to work out!".

and then I drink beer at home or with friends after. aaahhhhh off season - nothing but fun!


ann marie said...

I think you'd like this post on Things Seen At The Gym

tinaparker87 said...

Thomas said, "That would be so embrassing."

Refering to the muscle guy when I was reading your blog!

danban said...

LOVE IT! i see all of these people down the street at the 24 hour so i'm guessing at least half of the clientele have multiple gym memberships. and i wonder when i see the big buff dude how he manages to wipe his own arse if he can't bend his arms around his own torso....things that make ya go hmmmm!!


D a v e P said...

Big Buff Dude and Flex Man can also be one-in-the-same! When I used to live in PB I would see tons of them at 24Hour Fatness.
Also, Smartest Guy in the World could be linked to your spin class post too, as there is a very good women to men ratio in those too!
Time to go pump my guns...

FatDad said...

What about 'Walks around the changeroom naked for 1/2 hour guy"
Thanks for that, pal.