Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Aftermath and Random Thoughts from IMLP

Lot's of daydreaming and reflection happening here.

Tons of thoughts going through my head...

Sunday Night

* Only 4 hours of sleep - WTF

* Ordered TWO breakfast meals from McDonalds
* Walking, sitting down and getting up were huge chores, and required lots of arm strength
* Lots of moaning and "Oh my god"'s came out of my mouth
* Another only 4 hours of sleep. This marks 2 straight weeks of inconsistent sleep patterns
* Never really hungry - just forcing myself to eat
* The race replays through my mind about 85% of waking hours

* 3 words: DELAYED ONSET FATIGUE - OW! Legs are incredibly sore!
* Ate a Double Whopper meal at BK without thinking twice
* As soon as I got back to Solana Beach, I jumped in the ocean and splashed around a little bit
* I barely have a voice, and most communication is done as a whisper
* Still not very hungry - and still forcing myself to eat
* I was a zombie on Tuesday night - I almost fell asleep during a conversation with someone
* The race still replays through my mind 85% of waking hours (especially on the flight back to SD)

* Walking has completely returned to normal, but stairs are still a little challenging
* Still no voice
* Cold sweats while sleeping
* Still forcing myself to eat, and when I eat, I get VERY warm and actually start sweating (weird)

* Legs are barely sore anymore
* Still not hungry, but forcing myself to eat. I just threw down a rather large meal, and could easily eat more
* Zero voice still! Makes for funny conversations at work...
* I still haven't taken off my IMLP bracelet yet.
* Cold sweats at night still (annoying)

* Voice has returned!
* Eating anything makes my body temperature fluctuate a lot
* Had to see a doctor this morning - eesh!
* I feel like I could go for a run, but I won't

Random Thoughts:

Race Soundtrack-

* Weezer's "Pork and Beans" was stuck in my head a number of times during the bike course - mainly when I was having a ton of fun, in the zone with a smile on my face

* Had a few helpings of Weezer's "Dreamin'" during the bike too

* An excerpt from Beastie Boys "Intergalactic" was stuck in my head on the run ..."I run the marathon to the very last mile" (I'm such a nerd)

* Random songs from VHS or Beta were stuck in my head during the race at various points

* From Dave Matthews 'Gravedigger' - "dig it shallow so that I could feel the rain" was in my head during the swim and the first part of the bike.


* Mental Barriers (and Demons) were broken down during this race (especially on the second half of the run)

* My tri shoes have probably seen their last days. They never smelled good before, and they never completely dried from the race. I had to put them in a plastic bag to bring them back to CA so they wouldn't stink everything else up. I just opened the bag - it was not pretty.

* Every time I saw someone off to the side of the road relieving themselves, I had a devilish snicker - the clock stops for no one or nothing baby!!!!!

* Because my bib never really stayed on the front of me on the run (it moved around a lot), about 97% of people who were cheering for me called me "Dennis". It was rather annoying.

* Applying chamois butter to the undercarriage mid run garnishes a few weird looks from unsuspecting people ("Oh my, what is he doing?")

* Applying chamois butter to the undercarriage is ABSOLUTELY USELESS in the rain, and provided ZERO chaffage protection (definitely hurting a bit today still). In fact, it not only doesn't stick, it actually just drips off of you... through your shorts. I had to wipe the stuff off from between my legs a number of times so people wouldn't think any weird thoughts (Man, he must be really happy to be doing an IM!!!)

* If you ever do an IM, don't let ANYTHING take you down from the high - ride it as long as you can.

* I put a lot of my personal life on hold for this event for the past 9 months. Thank you for those that understood, and I am sorry to those who don't. Live and Learn I guess.

* I will NOT be getting any M., Ironman, 140.6 or anything like that as a tattoo. It's all about the memories for me!

* After thinking about it - as loud as it was when I crossed the finish line - I couldn't hear the crowd, I couldn't hear Mike Riley, I couldn't feel the rain. I was almost desensitized and boiling over with emotion at the same time! It was SURREAL. Just thinking about it is ... just ... wow.

* I know I said this before, but I am really glad I didn't wear a watch, and stopped paying attention to mile markers. I felt like I could focus so much more on myself and the race, rather than the time. In others I talked to who wore a watch - they felt the same. Food for thought for your next race.

* I have probably re-read my own race report 15 times just to keep reliving it!!!

* It may sound cheesy, but I think this Ironman changed me a little bit. Not really sure how though. See next bullet.

* My friend Bassam asked me "What now? can you even go out for a jog anymore or is no workout good enough? god, i couldn't imagine how you follow up an iron man." You know, those are great questions - I hadn't really thought about it. How does one follow up an Ironman, and Ironman in the rain no less? The good news, is I may have something waiting in the wings for next year that just might be on par with IM - more to come on that later. Until then - beer me!


IronmanUSA2007 said...

Sonic - What did the Doc say? I have been sick as a dog all week (I think you got the whole house sick). I had no voice yesterday, cold sweats, etc.

Think it was E-Lake bringing some tropical disease from Guatemala?

Welcome to the Ironman family. Whenever you meet someone and find out they are an Ironman, you will both nod, knowingly. Last year I let the wristband disintegrate before I cut it off.

Shan said...

When I read this post, it made me remember all the great things about doing IM - keep riding the high man!!!!!!!!!

I loved the soundtrack from the race - for some reason, I was singing "Baby's Got Back" during the bike course of IMAZ!!! heehee

After you recover a little, you might start to feel a bit strange that you're not spending your whole weekends on your bike or running around San Diego. It might be harder mentally than doing the race itself to know that you don't HAVE to thrash yourself week after week (and I won't lie - you will probably miss it! :) ). At least that's how I felt (I STILL feel that way, and my IM was in April...). Just make sure to give yourself a break ... not only physically, but mentally too :)

Cheers to you!

jameson said...

"Until then - beer me!"

Name the time and place and it's on. I'd love to hear about the race first hand over some beers.

Jeff H said...

Dude, crazy race report and follow up. You absolutely shredded this race. The mark of the Juice was left all over LP.

Any feedback on the sickness? I'm sick as dog too bro, maybe Mike is right, Dengue??

I still haven't taken off the bracelet yet either, and I don't see it happening anytime soon.

D a v e P said...

Ryan, don't be afraid to wear your IM finisher medal out in public for the next few days!
Congrats again.

Nikee Pomper said...

Im looking to hear all about the race over 12 beers. I get back in town on the 11th. How about drinks and dinner on me on Tuesday the 12th?

SO, which IM is next? Last year, spots were given out to all NA Sports IM after Oceanside. Maybe you should try to get a CDA spot? All the cool kids are doing it

SanDiegoPJ said...

Dude a couple things...

it's insane the songs that run through your head while you're out there. I'm glad I'm not the only one that was reciting that single line from Beastie along the run. (and like always when I work out Baby Got Back was there at multiple's a sickness)

don't take the bracelet off til that thing falls off. and Freddy wore his finisher's medal to work all week when he got back from FL. So feel free.

There is no question that crossing that finish line changes you. I'm sure it changes everyone differently, but I gotta say, for's always nice that no matter how stressed out things may be or how shitty something is thats going on, I can look back on that day, relive everything from the SUCK to the fun to the absolute elation of crossing that finish line and realize no one can ever take that feeling away.