Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Three birds with one stone

I'll take "Three birds with one stone" for a c-note, Alex.

The question is:

What activity can be performed to achieve the following?

1. Get in some more bike mileage for Lake Placid
2. Save money on absurdly high gas prices
3. Help the environment

"What is ride a bike to work a few times a week?"

"Correct for a c-note, and love of training!"


By the way, now that amateurendurance.com has been officially launched, be sure to check out all the good stuff that my fellow amateur's have dropped (semi) knowledge on, and if so interested, all my articles can be found at: http://www.amateurendurance.com/author/ryan/


Paul said...

Stay safe out there! Plenty of nut jobs out during the commute hours.

Rachel said...

Rock on! Yea for bike commuting!!!

triguyjt said...

did rachel inspire you on this??

thats great that you are doing this....

imlp is coming soon.i bet your ready

beth said...

amateur endurance is awesome...great articles!

have fun w/ the bike commute...let us know how it goes...maybe i'll join you on the ride home one day!