Sunday, June 29, 2008

San Diego International Race Report

Overall, the race went well, and was a lot of fun. Here are the highlights-

The Good
  • I was almost completely recovered from the Big Day by doing tons and tons of stretching and light workouts between Thursday and Saturday - Each day included 30-60 minutes of stretching.
  • Overall, my time was a exactly three minutes faster than last year. My swim was almost 2:30 faster, and my bike was probably almost 3 minutes faster.
  • Big thanks to Paul Jesse for letting me borrow his Xentis Mark 1 wheels - those things were butter!!! (I may not give them back!)
  • I was able to run through some serious discomfort on the run (see "The Bad")
  • I rocked a Fu Man Chu!
  • I had a lot of fun!
The Bad
  • My run was slower than last year due to ... the side stitch (again)!!! Agh!
  • I don't think I was hydrated enough before the race, and was really thirsty on the bike (Salt water didn't help). All I had for liquid on the bike was about a 80% full aero bottle, but only drank about half - all in very small sips - but apparently it was too much for the run. The other half was just to rinse my mouth out from the salt water.
  • The amount of drafting at the top. Once the M3034 got on the course, it was like ITU style racing. Yes, I drafted, but no I couldn't have done anything about it. At least me and a few others had a few laughs about it though!
  • Although I was a few minutes faster than last year, I dropped from 9th to 14th in my AG, so the competition is definitely not getting slower.
  • Paul Jesse and Carrie definitely got some good footage and interviews from the race today, so definitely check out over the next few days for new stuff.
  • Since there was a peleton forming on the big downhill on Canon, I let them go ahead because I did NOT want to be any part of 8-10 dudes all getting off their bikes at the same time at the dismount line. It ended up paying off since when the last guy got off his bike, it almost seemed like he started running without his bike, and his rig totally ate shit. I couldn't help but have a shit-eatin' grin on my face :)
  • I definitely has huffing, puffing, and grunting a lot of the run, but there is nothing better than just sacking up and pushing through the pain and passing someone right towards the end.
Estimated Times:
  • 1K Swim: 13:50
  • T1: 2:20
  • 30K Bike: 48:00
  • T2: 0:30
  • 10K Run: 44:00
  • Total: 1:50:45
Pics and other Media to come in a few days!


Paul said...

Dude!! Good job out there. The Fu was definitely funny.

SanDiegoPJ said...

Takin my wheels and my Fu Manchu...

The secrets to my lack of success are getting out!

jameson said...

solid race man! It was good seeing you out there.... now it's all about LP!

Shan said...

Nice work Ryan!!

I was cheering everyone on at the Star of India, and thought I saw you, but was confused by the Fu Man Chu :) hehehee

Mark said...

Good job man! 3 mins is solid improvement.