Thursday, June 26, 2008

The BIG 8.5 Hour Day

Wednesday, I took a vacation day from work to get in my last long training day. Although, the day was hardly what I, or any normal person, would call a "vacation". After thinking about it, I'd rather say "from my job", since all I did on my "vacation" day was work. I chose to do this on Wednesday to give me at least some recovery time for SDI on sunday.

Here is how the last big day all went down, inspired by Gordo's "Big Day Training" Section...

6:15 - 7:30am: Masters @ the Solana Beach Pool

Swim Notes: Today was the first day I have ever done dolphin kicks ... and with flippers. I had no idea what they were, so I watched a few others do them, and let me tell you - they are WILD! Definitely a very cool exercise that can jack up your heart rate, and get you out of breath very quickly.

Get home, have some breakfast, do a little work email maintenance, and chill for a little bit

10:00pm - 5:00pm: 6 Hour Bike (with plenty of hills of course)

Bike Notes: inspired by JP's and Chuckie's posts on big gear work, I wanted to get in as much big gear riding as possible (sadistic, right?). So, aside from the highland valley climb, the scripps poway parkway hill (the second time anyways), and a few other hills towards the end of the ride, the chain was in the big ring. Damn.

Also, in case you ever wanted to know, the climb up highland valley (from the palm tree farm to the 20mph sign) is 5.22 miles with 1400 ft of elevation gain (that climb is a such a biatch too)

Get home, rinse all the grime off of me, do a little stretching, check work email and make sure nothing blew up, hit up some tri blogs (love it!), and have a diesel recovery shake.

6:45pm - 8:15pm: 90 minute run

Run Notes: Definitely sluggish. I was a bit on the dehydrated side (good to know for LP), and the legs were a bit ... fatigued. I can honestly say that when I got home, I definitely felt like I hit something big in my training, and realized that shit isn't normal!!!!

After that, I pounded tons of water, hit the shower, and put down 2 HUGE bowls of pasta and chicken (and haven't stopped eating since!!!)

9pm: Call my roomate to tell him to pick up 30 lbs of ice on his way home for my ice bath since I am just about incapacitated at this point.

9:45pm: Take the plunge. The strategy was to fill the tub up with cold water first, get in, and then add ice since there IS ABSOLUTELY NO WAY that I could fill it up with ice, and then get in.

9:50pm: Screaming and yelling could be heard from the bathroom

10:05pm: Get out, feeling good, but wishing I had about 10 more lbs of ice in the tub (wait, what?)

10:30pm: Pass out with ease

I slept in today until 8am, no problem :)


SanDiegoPJ said...

DUDE...killer man. Love it. You're going to freakin ROCK LP. It doesn't have a chance.

katie b said...

so awesome Ryan. you rock, i can't wait to read about Ironman. go get 'em Denner!

Nikee Pomper said...

The intensity of your beast-ocity is appalling! What a solid day of training, GREAT JOB! Now it’s time to really take care of yourself.

patrickcowgilldrain said...

Ryan, you've definitely got the eye of the tiger. I have to hand it to you for maintaining such intensity with your training - definitely inspiring.

Jaybuddy said...


You are a beast Denner!
How freekin amazing are ice baths? Congrats on your biggest day of training. You are going to be very prepared.

Shan said...

Wow, you are an animal!!!! I pulled off one of those 8.5hr days during IMAZ training, and was stoked after the fact for doing all that work!

Nice work with the ice bath!! I gotta grow some cajones to ever do that - my thing is more dipping the legs in the ocean :) It makes such a difference icing the muscles down though - smart move!!

Best of luck at SDIT this weekend!! Go git it!

beth said...

half man, half ANIMAL....that day is what we would can THE GNAR...

git it, dog!
see you senday

JP Flores said...


solid're going to rock Lake Placid.

jameson said...

Killing it! Good job and good luck on sunday. I'll be out rooting for everyone.

dherback said...

Daaaammmmnnnn!!! Chuck Norris ain't got nuthin' on you!!

Mark said...

Kick ass bro! I just had my BIG day this past Saturday! Last BIG day until THE Big Day...