Tuesday, June 03, 2008

6200 ft of elevation gain on a Tuesday?!?!

My buddy, and fellow hill crusher, Homa, invited me for a "workout" Tuesday evening.

First, Homa is the man. There isn't a workout out there that scares him. He wears a jersey documenting that he did "The Death Ride" (No thanks), does endurance events purely for fun rather than time, and does hill repeats up Nasty Grade at Wildflower (WTF?!) (This, of course, is after he actually gave his number to a female athlete at WF, while on the bike course, during the race.) Definitely a great training partner.

But he also admitted that he wanted to crush me with hills tonight.

So, the "workout" tonight was to meet at torrey pines, and then-
  • Up the inside, head over to la jolla shores
  • Down and then up Black's Beach access road, and head over to Mt Soledad
  • Up Via Capri, turn around and go to the bottom
  • Climb Via Capri, again
  • Go down the other (PB) side
  • Climb Pacifica - three times
  • Climb Romney, and head down Pacifica
  • Somehow get to the top of Mt Soledad (again)
  • Head up La Jolla Shores
For a more aesthetically pleasing description...

The stats:
  • 39 miles
  • 3 hours 10 minutes
  • 6200 ft of elevation gain - which, by the way, is right on par with the entire 112 miles of biking at lake placid
It was a freakin incredible ride. TP inside actually felt easy, people were smiling (laughing more like it) up Black's Beach access road (a sweet climb), via capri is still very rude, but a little bit less rude than last time I did it, pacifica was a great climb, and la jolla shores was a brutal way to end the ride.

I also absolutely love climbing on my tri bike - significantly more than my road bike.

We didn't finish the ride until about 8:30pm, well after sunset, which was part of why it was so cool. I kinda felt like a little kid again during the summer - outside playing until I couldn't see anymore, on a tuesday night, just waiting to get home, eat a solid meal, and when I hit the pillow, let out one of those long sighs like I had a great day!

Love it!!!!


gunnbr said...

DAMN! That's a workout!!

I had to skip cause of track practice tonight, but now I'm bummed I didn't get to go!

Nikee Pomper said...


JMoTriBella said...

Wow! You are God! That is some craziness!

beth said...

i am at a loss for words. that is insane...are you on crack?

Ryan Denner said...

I love you all. Only on a triathlon blog can one be called BEAST, god, and accused of being on crack!

Keep 'em coming!! (and I promise to continue with the nazi workouts!)

patrickcowgilldrain said...

Denner, I'm hard-pressed to call you a god, but it is impressive to see you go on such a ride and come back from it talking like a kid who just made the coolest sandcastle ever. Promise me this -- because I'm sucking at hills on the bike these days -- when I get back from Alcatraz (yes, I know it'll be hilly...I'm going to have to deal), call me up and let's do one of these hill workouts some time. I think it's what the doctor ordered.

Sounds like your training is stellar. Keep it up bro, and your IMLP will be just as enjoyable as this Tuesday night crazy hill bike climbing workout.

katie b said...

amazing denner, truly i am in awe :) keep up the great work, that is one gnarly workout!

jameson said...

You're killing dude! Let me know when you have some of these epic adventures lined up... I am in for sure. I like to suffer!

triguyjt said...

ryan..allthat climbing and lake placid will seem like a mole on an elephants ass..

you are a Freak!!!!!

BreeWee said...

Oh man that ride looks like a pain in all parts of the legs, bum, lungs! Way to go...! After that thing the Beast would look like a little hill...

Great fun, "sorta" wish I was invited!