Friday, June 20, 2008

4 birds with one stone?

I think the brains at jeopardy forgot to add something to the answer in my previous post:

4. Get in more run mileage for Lake Placid

So, yesterday morning, I rode my bike into work. At the end of the day, I ran the 13 miles home!!!!

I am definitely feeling like a bad ass today. The only downside to this new found adventure is I have ZERO excuses for not being able to fit in a long run during the week now :)

Hittin up Smell-A later tonight for the weekend to get some smog and ride with fellow LP mad men Bello and Jeff!


Nikee Pomper said...

13 miler home from work. NICE! You are going to kill it at LP.

When are we riding again?

Rachel said...

That's a great idea. OMG--I'm going to have to do that now too!!!