Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Special Needs Bag Consideration

Saturdays workout was a brutal 80 mile, 10K of elevation gain ride in cold, wet and windy conditions. I am not gonna lie - it wasn't fun. There were times where I was downright miserable. I broke my sunglasses while changing a flat. I was cold, tired, and hungry. Gels and Bars and anything else I could buy at Circle K just wasn't cutting it. Finally, at mile 60, I made a suggestion to Damian that we make a special fuel stop, and there was no resistance from him. I present to you, the savior of my ride, and possible consideration for my bike special needs bag at Lake Placid:

Wendy's Extra large fries, fresh out the fryer, with plenty of salt and Ketchup to garnish. Not gonna lie - it was freakin' heaven. It was noted that I wasn't even breathing when I was eating these things - all one could hear was munching, and the sound of salt being brushed against the sides of the carton.

To put in perspective how much this ride "hurt", note Damian in Wendy's...

... and after the ride ...

I even had to pass on a ride the following day (sorry B&J!) I was so spent.

But seriously, Paul, after your post about potatoes in EVOO and salt - I am seriously considering putting some sort of spud in my special needs bag at LP.

That night, I cooked up some dinner and relaxed on the couch. Then, Top Chef came on for the next hour and a half, and all I kept doing was eating and eating and eating... right up until 9:15pm when I passed out (with blaring music from the fairgrounds next door no less.... Damn).

It continued on Sunday. I did get in a 10 mile run, but the eating didn't stop.... at all. I was full bore well into Monday in terms of eating. Speaking of eating, my next blog post will be about my daily diet (just for you, Brian).

All in all though, a solid weekend of training: 115 miles on the bike, and 13 miles running.


Nikee Pomper said...

Welcome the Ironman Appetite! I had it really bad this winter. The classy lady I am had a taco contest with some random dudes after a 6 1/2 hr ride. They were amazed, shocked, and kinda grossed out that I could down 5 tacos and 2large beers 20 minutes. Actually, I'm kinda grossed out thinking about it...

Beware of the 2am hunger pains.

Jeff H said...

Sick ride bro, nice work toughing it out.