Monday, May 12, 2008

Recovery + Weekend

Recovery from Wildflower Half has certainly been different than recovering from Vineman last year.

After Vineman, I had never been more sore in my life. Every muscle hurt. On the drive home, when I got out of the car to get gas, I actually yelled/yelped/whined out loud (with an emphasis on loud) because it hurt so much. It was so audible, I was drawing attention from other motorists filling their tanks (back when gas was a modest $3/gal or less). It took probably a full WEEK to stop being sore, and I couldn't even think of stretching during that time. Every time I walked up stairs, I was cursing something/someone. Looking back, I was really sore because:

* One can never do enough heat training for that race
* I trained with enough volume, but not enough intensity
* I rode the bike like it was an olympic distance race (see previous bullet)
* I left it all, and then some, on the course

ps- A little advice: don't drive home 10+ hours the day after doing a half ironman.

After wildflower, my recovery has marked a stark contrast to last year's HIM.

When I awoke sunday morning after the race, I was a little bit sore. When I moved around, I didn't really feel all that stiff. While walking down to the olympic start, I actually felt better. I am going out on a limb here, but I almost wished I took up Marty Taylor's offer on his Olympic race spot (but looking back, I am GLAD I didn't). Monday and Tuesday came, and I was feeling GREAT. My left knee was a little tight, but I got in a few recovery type workouts during the week. However, I definitely wasn't fully recovered because every time I put my muscles under any type of load, they reminded me of the 70.3 miles I just went through a few days previous.

In stealing Jameson's idea of recovery, the work week marked the recovery stage, which opened me up for the weekends workouts.

Knowing that I still wasn't 100%, I still ventured down to Southbay to do the honey springs 50 mile ride with a TCSD group. The hill was pretty brutal, but the fact that I won a free pair of brooks running shoes at the grand opening of Pulse Endurance afterwards made it all worth it, along with SIX slices of FREE pizza - it all turned out to be a fantastic day.

Sunday's workout was supposed to be a 90 minute run through San Elijo. Long story short, it turned into another 50 mile ride, with just a short t-run afterwards (thanks beth!).

Bike Volume? Check.

I didn't mind the more than expected volume because this coming up weekend will be a true recovery weekend since I will be back home hanging with the fam, and seeing my sis graduate from college. I won't be bringing my bike home, so there will be some swimming and running, a mental and physical recharge, before the big volume push for LP!

Train safe!

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Patrick said...

Glad the recovery week went well for you. Enjoy your time with your family. Congrats on your winnings!